Saturday, December 30, 2023

Standing on a high podium against the backdrop of the green marble wall of the main UN meeting room, Miriam Novak said into the microphone

 At the extraordinary UN General Assembly in New York (2021), held at the request of the leaders of the European Union and the New Arab Bloc, Israeli representative Miriam Novak spoke.

Standing on a high podium against the backdrop of the green marble wall of the main UN meeting room, Miriam Novak said into the microphone:

 Ladies and Gentlemen! As you can see, eighty years ago, Europe, led by Germany, carried out an ethnic cleansing:

 it destroyed almost all the Jews living there. The French, Belgians, Dutch, Norwegians, Hungarians, Slovaks, Poles, Lithuanians, Ukrainians - all helped the Nazis.
You killed at least six million Jews along with their newborn babies.
Each of them could give the world children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, so you can safely multiply the number of those killed four or five times...

And now, when we are again robbed, beaten and killed in all your countries, and your courts set the murderers free, you tell us that we have no right to defense?

 Don't we have the right to warn our enemies that we will respond to a new ethnic cleansing with an even more powerful blow? 

Maybe you can name another nation that your new international community led by Iran is so fanatically striving to destroy? And for what? 

For two thousand years we lived among you, giving you our knowledge, discoveries and inventions. 

We have given you the alphabet, the Bible, the Virgin Mary, Jesus Christ, the twelve apostles, Spinoza, Disraeli, Columbus[?], Newton, Nostradamus, Heine, Mendelssohn, Einstein, Singer, Eisenstein, Freud, Landau, Gershwin, Offenbach, Rubinstein, Sen -Sans[?], Kafka, Lombroso, Montaigne, Mahler, Marcel Marceau, Vsevolod Meyerhold, Yehudi Menuhin, Stefan Zweig, Arthur Miller, Maya Plisetskaya, Stanley Kubrick, Irving Berlin, Edward Teller, Lyon Feuchtwanger, Paul Newman, Robert Oppenheimer, Benny Goodman, Eugene Ionesco, Imre Kalman, Marcel Proust, Charlie Chaplin[?], Marc Chagall, Barbra Streisand, Claude Lelouch, Steven Spielberg, Anouk Aimee, Leonard Bernstein, Norbert Wiener, Larry Page, Mark Zuckerberg, Sergey Brin, Andrew Lloyd Webber and thousands of other scientists and educators. 

Just imagine how many of the same geniuses the millions of Jews you killed, and then their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, could give birth to the world!
But these unborn geniuses disappeared forever in the ovens of crematoria, burned synagogues and mass graves.

So do you really think that with your resolutions, boycotts and sanctions we can be driven into gas chambers again? 

No, gentlemen! 

Having lived among you for two thousand years, we had to adapt to you and learn not only your languages but also something of your psychology. Otherwise, how would we have survived in Persia without Persian treachery? In Spain without Spanish cruelty? In Germany without German obedience to discipline? In France without French stinginess? In Poland, without Polish swagger, and in Russia, without swearing and the Russian habit of using yard toilets, where you need to sit like an eagle and talk about your spiritual greatness? - (Laughter in the hall.)

“And that’s why I’ll tell you frankly:
 yes, we are not angels.”

 Among us were international swindlers and gangsters, Lanskys, Medovs and Epsteins, swindlers, thieves, robbers, adventurers and even pedophiles.

But throughout our and your history there was no Jewish Bogdan Khmelnitsky, Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin. There was no Jewish Josef Mengele and Eric Koch, Adolf Eichmann and Idi Amin, Andrei Chikatilo and Li Zicheng, Jeffrey Dahmer and Jean Bokassa, Fritz Haarmann and Ted Bundy, Nikolai Dzhumagaliev and Albert Fish.
We did not make necklaces from human ears, we did not take scalps, we did not eat human flesh, we did not make soap from human fat, we did not sew lampshades from human skin, we did not make mattresses from women’s hair, we did not burn people in religious temples and we did not kill children in gas chambers. cameras.

Instead, we created things that changed the world for the better.

Drip irrigation, seawater desalination, Intel processors and the Centrino and Core Duo platforms, the world's smallest DNA computer and the world's first USB flash drive, nanowire and tablet video camera, a cure for multiple sclerosis and an exoskeleton, Google Glass for the blind and a baby breathing monitor, a radar that can see through walls, an AI holographic reality synthesizer and hundreds of other wonderful things.

 With just 0.2 percent of the world's population, we have produced 32 percent of the world's Nobel laureates. Yes, I forgot to tell you: we have never used and do not use the blood of Christian babies when making matzo. Back in 1913, three Orthodox experts on Judaism proved this in the famous Kiev trial of the Beiliss case.

 In 1962, the Second Vatican Council absolved us of blame for the crucifixion of Christ, and in 2011, Pope Benedict XVI said that “a Christian cannot be an anti-Semite, we have the same roots.” IN

In 2019, his successor Pope Francis I said that “there is a Jew inside every Christian” and “one cannot be a true Christian without recognizing one’s Jewish roots.”

 Moreover, the head of the World Catholic Church stated that “the covenant between God and the Jews continues to operate” and “anti-Semitism is not only attacks on Jews, but also speeches against Israel.”

 And finally, in June 2020, Pastor John Hagee, the leader of American evangelical Christians, published his “Message to the World” in which he said simply and clearly: 

“Why do we, eight million Christian patriots of America, support Israel?
 Because G-d is on Israel's side!
 If a Christian says that he does not like Jews, then his false Christianity is very much in doubt. G-d says:
 “I bless those who bless Israel! I will curse those who curse Israel!” 

And now I want to ask the European delegates sitting in this room:

 who do you think you are? Are you Christians or not Christians? When you pray to Jesus Christ, Our Lady and the Holy Apostles, aren't you praying to the Jews? And when you say that you carry the image of Christ in your heart, then don’t you thereby admit that you carry a Jew in your soul?

 Even if you are an ardent atheist, your ancestors were still Christians for two thousand years and, therefore, Jewishness is in your blood - whether you like it or not!

So, ladies and gentlemen. If you insist on an international boycott of Israel because you continue to hate Jews and want the complete destruction of Jewry on earth, then be consistent - start with yourself, do hara-kiri! This will be an honest ethnic cleansing.
 And now, as they say here in America, I have news for you, I have news for you. 

Now, following the Christians, it is the turn of Muslims to part with anti-Semitism. Yes, it will not be easy, but just as the Almighty helped humanity get rid of the bubonic plague, anthrax, cholera and coronavirus, so He will help you get rid of anti-Semitism. You may ask: for what? Why did the Almighty return us to Israel and force you to give up your desire to destroy us? After all, He must have some purpose, right?
I'll tell you my personal opinion. Because, according to His plan, every nation should give to humanity what it does best.

 The French are cooks and perfumers.

 The British and Russians are writers and poets.

 Italians are artists and musicians.

 The Germans are soldiers and philosophers.

And we Jews are geniuses.

 Geniuses who, in all areas, are moving humanity from savagery and idolatry to culture, humanism and technological progress. This is our mission, which we have been fulfilling for two thousand years, no matter what!

Therefore, whether we have genetic, torsion, nuclear, tectonic, cosmic or some other self-defense weapons or not is none of your business! Whether you allow us to have weapons of defense or not, it doesn’t matter to us.

As one of the founders of our state, Ze’ev Jabotinsky, once said:
“Whether you like us or not, it doesn’t matter to us, we came before you and will leave later.”


Anonymous said...

Who is this person? There’s no public record of this speech

Anonymous said...

Exactly... looks fake to me... no evidence just words

Anonymous said...

If you can read , it was given in 2021, but still is pertinent and true today!

Anonymous said...

There's no identification of the actual role of this "Israeli representative." Some of those named as Jews are not, and the final sentence mixes part of a comment by Jabotinsky with an irrelevant add-on that wasn't from him. This is a badly edited statement, likely cobbled together from multiple sources (not all of which are factual), that should have been fact-checked before being published.

Anonymous said...

Does it really matter if it is real or fake? or who she is? The importance is the words. And to the person who said "some of those named as Jews are not" which names?

Anonymous said...

A very strong and truethfull

Anonymous said...

Very strong and truethfull speech. No doubt all the facts are taken from the real life. Those who don't believe in what she was saying, they just don't want to believe. What other prove do you need ?!
To call it fake means to be a real antisemit.

Anonymous said...

The best speech I have evere read!!!!!I am proud to be a Jew 馃憤馃憤馃憤馃憤馃馃馃

Tatiana Gutes said...

Where would the world be without this 0.2 percent of us, Jews? What the medicine, technology, arts, music, even practically all songs for Christmas, for best broadway musicals, that were all written by 100% Jews! All moral codes that were introduced and still valid in today’s world, came from the Jews, and now, the world instead of being horrified by the events of 7th October, standing against babies, children, young people many of whom were for the Palestinians causes, on this peaceful musical festival, were killed tortured raped and beheaded, keeping hostages up till now, probably most of them died and tortured.
And the world turned antisemitic the very next day, October 8th and up till now. Aren't we the smallest minority in the world? Take a look at the map and try to find Israel amongst the Muslim lands that are about few thousand times larger than Israel, 8 million against 1.6 billion of Muslims, who would not accept 2 million of their brothers Palestinians, and forcing Israel to keep haters and killers on their minuscule land! Is there 1 jewish person allowed to live amongst those 1.6 billion muslims on those vast territories where they live? Is there Jews in their governments l? Is there 1 synagogue? And in the land of Israel 20 % of population are Muslims, as well as in the Israel government, lots of Muslims paces of prayer. Why?
What is the world we are living in?
And how long this world will last with this kingdom of crooked mirrors…

Anonymous said...

It was published in Germany . USA now is anticimitic country because after 9/11 AMERICA didn t taught the lesson and let in the country radical Muslims who are destroying this and ANY OTHER EUROPEAN COUNTRIES AND ACTUALLY WHEEVER THEY ARE WERE APPEARING

Anonymous said...

Bravo! Wake up world!

Anonymous said...

Blind ENVY! It shines through all those antisemitic comments. Just imagine brushing through all listed Jewish talents looking for ones who are not?!!!! You, the anonymous Jew haters, would you please explain why there are so many Jewish Nobel winners?

Anonymous said...

Nobody says the facts in the text are fake. But there is nowhere any info on the extraordinary session of the UN GA! By the way there is no such thing as the "extraordinary General Assembly" which is the UN main administrative body and extraordinary can only be its session! There is also no mention anywhere on the "Israeli representative" of that name but there are only found in Google actress, librarian, hotel receptionist etc of that name but no Israeli diplomats!
Someone decided that adding fake name, UN session etc. would make the mentioned facts heavier! But it does not work that way!

Anonymous said...

This speech is so historically SPOT ON The anti semitism in this world is horrific and should be cleansed just as racism should be cleansed When children are born they are sweet, innocent and full of love and affection. It is the parents that raise them that instill hate, mistrust and prejudice When are parents going to raise their children to embrace all especially for their differences?

Anonymous said...

And? What it changes?! You are trying to bury facts by your meaningless vla blah blah..What for? How it can help you?!?

Anonymous said...

Though agree with facts stated in "speech" and share the anger, I'm really tired of all these 'crafts'
Why all the comments are anonymous?
Does someone know personally the real person.

Anonymous said...

True !!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Me too,I am a very proud's a " universal truth"

Anonymous said...

When was this speech given? 2021? 2023?
Who is Miriam Novak?
Does anyone know?

Anonymous said...

Wake up america , Israel is fighting for you as well.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Lloyd Webber

Anonymous said...

Salk polio vaccine has saved millions from a dreaded disease. What have the muslims contributed that saved millions?

Anonymous said...

The speech by Miriam Novak was extraordinarily and very well said! Whoever doesn’t like it, doesn’t believe in the truth of humanity! Her last sentence said everything,
“ We don’t care, we were there before you and we will leave after you.”