Tuesday, June 4, 2019

What Was Behind The Satmar Protest Against The Eirav In Williamsburg?? Who Took The Photos on Shabbos?

Satmar last Shabbos turned out in mass to protest the Williamsburg Eirav!

Question: Who were they protesting against???
Aren't all the protestors, Satmar? Don't they all listen to their rebbe not to use the Eirav?

Who are they trying to bully?? The Yuppies living on the borders of Williamsburg?

Why come out in mass?
Why not just issue a psak from the Satmar Bais Din against the Eirav... period!

The Chareidie population in Williamsburg is not only Satmar...

There is Veen, Kloizenburg, Ger, Belz, Spinkeh, Breslav, Pupa, Viznitz,Munkatch, Skver,Bobov, etc etc...
Some of those rabbis are of the opinion that the Eirav is absolutely halachically permitted! 

The Satmars came out in force to bully those who are of the opinion that the Eirav is kosher!
Mind you, this is in Chutz Le'aaretz, ... and  last I checked this is a free country!

Are they so worried that their chassidim who are prohibited from using the Eirav will watch other Chassidim whose rebbe told them that its permitted, and switch allegiance?

But the Hungarians gypsies think that Williamsburg is theirs, and that's even though Shvartzas are slowly reminding them where they are and whose boss!

In another Chassidous, if the rebbe issues a psak, they adhere to it and let others do what they want ... they believe in "Live and let Live!"
I remember growing up in Crown Heights, the Lubavitcher Rebbe was against making an Eirav ... and to make an Eirav in Crown Heights is one huge problem because of Eastern Parkway, but he never stopped anyone else from making one...never!

Another Question:
Who took the photos and videos?
Who told photographers to come??? 

These were professional photos from professional photographers ...who were hired to take photos and videos of the event to intimidate those who hold from the Eirav, so they can see how many people showed up and not to dare oppose them...

Who ordered those photographers? 

If you believe that halachically there cannot be an Eirav ... so isn't this "amirah le'akum" ..aren't the photographers carrying in "reshus harabam?" And I'm sure some of those photographers were Jewish...
Is that allowed having "mechallelie shabbos" carry and do a melacha for you?

In Israel these same Satmars scream bloody murder "Shabbos" "Shabbos" when there is Chillul Shabbos...
Why is this not Chillul Shabbos???

And where is the "heter" of bullying those rebbes and talmedei chachamim who hold that an eirav is permitted?????

Is it any wonder that they are loosing thousands of their boys and girls to the secular world ... when they witness this hypocrisy????


Abe said...

I’m trying to understand how Satmar deals with halachic status of chasidim who accept and promote the Eirav?
Carrying an object in the confines of a invalid Eirav on Shabbat is a capital crime punishable by death according to the Torah. So what are we to make of one sect accusing another of the wilful sin of Shabbat desecration deserving of death? If that were true, the chasidim who use the Eirav are as reprehensible as Reform Jews.
Something strange here about the broken logic of chasidish Torah. One sect approves and the other says you should be executed. What a twisted religion!
But not to worry. The use or denigration of the Eirav will not hinder the orbits of the planets or the motion of the ocean tides.
Morons all!

Anonymous said...

No wonder

Ohev Shalom said...

The point is that
1 they all use eruvin when THEY need it, say, on sukkos which falls on Shabbos.
2 for years they had various block eruvin, then when other communities made a normal, neighborhoodwide eruv, it suddenly became traif.
3 and more than all above, their whole opposition is rooted in open lies and misconceptions with which they brainwash their stupid masses
4 most of their alleged problems and claims to williamsburg eruv apply equally to nearly other city with eruvin, yet over there they can use it freely.
6. even if their reasons against it would be valid, it still is no reason to harrass others; no one is bound to follow YOUR way of life. Let others mind their life as they understand and please, under their perfectly qualified rabbis
ALL THIS SHOWS that it is purely a political agenda, masked in ultra-religous zealotry.