Tuesday, June 18, 2019

'Like Moses parting the Red Sea': Hong Kong protesters move aside to let an ambulance pass in seconds during a two-million strong demonstration

Watch how goyim behave when they protest, the frum protesters have a lot to learn …. yes from the goyim... absolutely 
Hong Kong protesters have earned praise after a video showing a sea of demonstrators making way for an ambulance on Sunday has gone viral.
Organisers said nearly two million people marched through the city in protest against a controversial extradition bill which would increase Beijing's control over the autonomous territory. Demonstrators are stepping up their demands for Chief Executive Carrie Lam to resign after a man died in a fall while trying to unveil a banner on the roof of a shopping mall on Saturday.
Moses would have been happy with a parting like that,' one person on Twitter praised.
'A noble act by the entire mob ... admirable,' another said.
One user called it 'the most beautiful scene in Hong Kong' on Sunday night.
Cathy, 28, who works in marketing, said she was in the crowd at about 6pm when she heard people yelling to let an ambulance pass through.
'I heard that someone had fallen ill ahead of us. The ambulance arrived and there was a protester separating the crowd and asking people to move to the side of the road,' she told MailOnline. 
There was no chaos at all. Everyone was so polite and organised,' she added. 'I was so touched. We are definitely not rioters!'
Actor Anthony Wong, who shared the video on his Facebook page, wrote: 'Moses separating the Red Sea. The Lord is my strength. The whole world now knows Hong Kong.' 
Another protester, who only gave her name as Sum, said she was part of a crowd that gave way to several public buses in Admiralty. 
'I'm impressed to see two million people protesting in such an organised and peaceful manner. People who didn't know each other were helping one another. I am proud to be a Hong Konger,' the 28-year-old translator told MailOnline.  
Lyndon Rees, founder of Citybus, one of the three major bus operators in Hong Kong, praised the peaceful protesters in a Facebook post on Sunday. 
'Let's be proud of Hong Kong's young patriots for their responsible behaviour tonight. In many cities in such circumstances, these buses would already have been targets for incineration,' he wrote.
Hong Kong's young protesters have also won praise last week after they returned to the site of the protest to clean up rubbish. 
Sunday's protest was largely peaceful, in contrast to the rally last Wednesday which ended in violence. Clashes between police and protesters erupted, with riot police firing rubber bullets and beanbag rounds at unarmed protesters in the worst unrest the city has witnessed in decades. 
The violence left 81 people injured, the hospital authority said. Police say 11 people were arrested as leader Carrie Lam called the protest an 'organised riot'. 

The clip, filmed along the jam-packed Harcourt Road near the Central Government Complex on Sunday evening, shows protesters parting in an orderly manner to create a path for the emergency vehicle. Social media users compared the scene with the parting of the Red Sea.

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Ytzchok said...

I've been a few times to Asia. Only Asians can so perfectly act together as a true human network, without even talking to each other, like we see on this video.
U gotta be there to understand how this happens.