Thursday, June 13, 2019

3 Midwood Homes Torched by Arsonists ...Uh Oh!

A massive fire in the Midwood section of Brooklyn torched at least three buildings early Thursday morning, injuring at least 12 people, including a baby.
The blaze broke out just after 4 a.m. and quickly escalated to four alarms.
Video from the E. 17th Street scene showed flames leaping from the roof of one home, and the structure to its left already little more than a charred hulk. Firefighters reported that two roofs had completely collapsed.
There was no word on a cause for the fire, which was still smoldering more than 90 minutes after the FDNY first reported to the scene.
Neighbors were alerted to close their windows - not just for the smoke, but for debris blowing off the houses as the fire reduced them to rubble.
The injuries included nine civilians, one of them a baby, as well as three firefighter. All of the injuries were considered minor.
As of 7:18 a.m. the fire was under control.
The civilians were taken to Maimonides Medical Center for treatment. The Red Cross is also on scene to assist those displaced by the blaze.

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