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The "perfidy" of Debbie Maimon Who Re-Wrote The Rescue of the Satmar Rebbe by the Zionists In the Yated!

Rudolph Kastner
There is absolutely no question that R' Yoel Teitelbaum, Satmar Rebbe, was rescued by the representative of the Zionist Jewish Agency, Rudolph Kastner....

No Question!

Comes along Debbie Maimon, who wants to "tuches lekk" the naive Yesivishe anti-Zionists, and erases that fact in her latest column in the Yated, headlined:
"The Astounding Escape of the Rebbes of Ger, Belz, and Satmar During the Holocaust"

Every Jewish child is taught while its still nursing that "hakaras ha'toiv" is the single most important virtue in Yiddishkeit!

Moshe Rabbeinu had many names ... his  father named him "Chever" and his mother named him "Yekuseil" according to the Midrash ....
But he is never called any of these names in the entire Torah....
he is called "Moshe" 
"כי מן-המים משיתהו"
The name Moshe was given to him by Pharo's daughter, his rescuer,
and she named him that because she "drew him out of the water!"
So to remind us how Moshe was rescued and by whom.... Hashem saw fit to use only the name that a shiksah gave him!

But that fundamental Torah idea is totally lost when you read Debbie Maimon's distorted historical narrative vis a vis the rescue of the Satmar Rebbe. 

In order to successfully accomplish this monumental lie, she first demonizes Rudolph Kastner to make it easier on the reader to believe her perverted view of what really happened!

She ironically takes a page out of  Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi propaganda's  playbook that "if you repeat a lie often enough, people will eventually come to believe it."

I must preface my remarks with the following caveat; 
Rudolph Kastner was no "tzaddik."

Rudolph Kastner was a Jewish-Hungarian lawyer and journalist who was the founding member of the Budapest Aid and Rescue Committee, a group that smuggled Jews out of occupied Europe during the Holocaust..
He managed to negotiate with Adolf Eichmann, the Nazi officer in charge of deporting Hungary's Jews to Auschwitz, and that negotiation  resulted in the escape of  over 1600 Jews in exchange for gold, diamonds and cash.

The "escapees"  boarded the "Kastner Train" which consisted of 35 cattle trucks and left Budapest on June 30, 1944 and was to have headed to neutral Switzerland to safety.

I will not elaborate of what happened in between, and how the Satmar Rebbe got on the list but will instead focus on Debbie Maimon's distortion of what happened!

There were two primary Jewish organizations in Budapest that dealt with saving Hungarian Jewry... one was "The Jewish Council" headed by Phylip Freudiger and represented the Orthodox Community and the other was the Zionist "Vaadah" which was basically the "Jewish Agency" that was headed by Rudolph Kastner. 

According to Joel Brand's testimony at the Eichmann trial, the Zionist "Vaadah" helped approximately 25,000 Hungarian Jews in Nazi-occupied Europe reach safety between 1941 and March 1944 before the German invasion of that country on March 19 of that year.
No one has so far disputed that fact..

As we all know.... every lie has some truth in it ....
and Debbie in an attempt to tell the story admits:
that the efforts of the Orthodox "Jewish Council" 
"failed when the Nazis confiscated all Jewish bank accounts, turning most Hungarian Jews into paupers"

So now it was left for Rudolpf Kastner to do the negotiating...which he did successfully ...

Maimon begins her demonization of Kastner, calling his successful deal with the Nazis ....the "pact with the devil."

We all agree that any pact with the cursed Nazis YM"S was a "pact with the devil" but Maimon did not write that when she writes about the "failed efforts" of the "Jewish Council" .....
If it were successful, wouldn't that have also been a "pact with the devil?"

Maimon then proceeds in a separate box in the article to denigrate and totally destroy any redeeming qualities of Kastner so that one wouldn't 
G-d forbid, even for a moment give credit to a Zionist!
So how does she do it?
She mixes half truths and whole lies and quotes from Ben Hecht's book "Perfidy!"
The book "Perfidy" is the Satmar "Quran" the tool that they use in totally erasing the successful rescue of the Satmar Rebbe by the Zionists!
Ben Hecht 

Who was Ben Hecht and why did he write "Perfidy?"
Was he an anti-Zionist? 

Ben Hecht was an American screenwriter, director, playwright and novelist who was married twice to shiksas and all his children were goyim!

In 1931, Ben Hecht wrote a novel called a "Jew in Love." 
On the very front page, Hecht, Maimon's hero, describes the Jewish protagonist as "a dark-skinned little Jew with a vulturous and moody face."

 In this book he not only mocks his own Jewish brothers but utters a heretical statement writing that "God is a pain in the ass" .... the last three words of that offending phrase was removed from subsequent editions.
This book sold 50,000 copies in the first few weeks of its appearance and made the best seller charts in 1931.

He also made public pronouncements that ridiculed American Zionists for "raising nickels for a lot of God damn stinking Jews in Palestine"

In 1939, Hecht suddenly underwent a remarkable transformation and became one of America's most effective public defenders of the Jewish people and Jewish Statehood!
The rise of German anti-Semitism triggered as Hecht put it a" Theodor Herzl moment" which led to his own reawakening as "a proud, mobilized Jew."

In 1946 he wrote "A Flag is Born" which promoted the establishment of a Jewish State..

Once a zealous denigrator of Jews, Hecht now became even more zealous in their defense. He then placed a series of ads in major newspapers congratulating the Irgun for blowing up British trains in Palestine.

And here is where the so called "dog" is buried!

Hecht's indifference to Jewish issues changed when he met a guy named Peter Bergson, who was drumming up American assistance for the Zionist group Irgun.
(I am highlighting Irgun, because this explains Hecht's writing his book Perfidy)

Now guys .... read this carefully...

Following the war, Hecht supported the Jewish insurgency in Palestine, a campaign of violence being waged by underground Zionist groups such as the Haganah, Irgun and Lehi against the British. 

Hecht was a member of the Bergson Group, an Irgun front group in the US which was active in raising funds for Irgun activities...
The Irgun policy was based on what was then called "Revisionist Zionism" founded by Ze'ev Jabotinsky.
The policy of this organization was based squarely on Jabotinsky's teachings:
"every Jew had the right to enter Palestine; only active retaliation would deter the Arabs; only Jewish armed force would ensure the Jewish State."

I do not want to bore you with details but if you want to know the truth and not be clouded by Satmar and now Yeshivish anti-Zionist lies and distortions you must read on and I'll explain....

In May 1948, the establishment of the State of Israel was proclaimed, followed by the establishment of the IDF...
The IDF was supposed to incorporate the Irgun as well, but lo and behold, the Irgun wasn't ready to join and purchased a ship called it the Alalena,  loaded it with weapons and it landed on the beaches of Tel Aviv on June 20....
But a snag developed since the UN had declared an arms embargo....
Ben Gurion didn't want to defy the UN and demanded that the ship surrender ... which it didn't, so Ben Gurion ordered his commander Yitzchak Rabin to fire on the ship ...16 Jews were killed...

Ben Hecht being a member of the Irgun never forgave Ben Gurion and waited ever so patiently to pounce ....

He didn't have to wait long ....

When the State was established, Kastner joined  "Mapai," Ben Gurion's party and was appointed a clerk at the Ministry of Trade and Industry and was a candidate on behalf of Mapai in the elections of the second Knesset.

In 1953, an unknown guy by the name of Malchiel Gruenwald, accused Kastner of collaborating with the Nazis, knowingly concealing information on Nazis plans of extermination of the Jews in "order to save approximately 1,700 of his friends and family (which included the Satmar Rebbe) and partnering with Nazi war criminal Kurt Becher, and testifying in his favor in the Nuremberg trials.

Kastner sued Gruenwald for libel....

Now... as I said before ...Kastner was no tzaddik ...
but let's stop here for a moment ....

Wasn't the Satmar Rebbe on that very train???
Didn't he owe Kastner a token of appreciation?

Kastner begged the Satmar Rebbe to testify on his behalf ... to say that he wasn't "family" or a "friend" and nevertheless was on that train ...
The Satmar Rebbe refused and said that "Hashem rescued him."

At any rate ....
In June 1955, a Judge in the libel trial ruled that Gruenwald's allegations of Kastner's collaboration with the Nazis were founded and that "Kastner sold his soul to the Satan." The judge also ruled that Kastner committed perjury in Becher's trial in Nuremberg.

Kastner's supporters claimed that he was actually a hero, acting to save as many Jews as he could ...despite the objective risks and emotional difficulty in collaborating with Nazis such as Adolf Eichmann....

The Government appealed the Court's decision but before the Supreme Court could came to a decision, Kastner was murdered in front of his house by a young National Extremist ...

In January 1958, a year after Kastner's death,the Supreme Court in a majority overturned the judgement against Kastner.

Enter Ben Hecht........
Ben Hecht was a fervent Zionist and was a zealous defender of the Zionist State of Israel ....

but he was still carrying hatred for Ben Gurion for the Alalena Affair......
and now had his chance ....
Since it was Ben Gurion's Mapai that was the ruling majority in the Knesset and it was the government that decided to sue Gruenwald ....
Hecht came out with "Perfidy" a book that only took parts of the trial's transcripts, parts that made the Government look bad and printed a book  about the original trial and added his own biased comments!

So Maimon and her Hungarian Gypsy cohorts, in an effort to hide the fact that the Zionists were really the ones that saved the Satmar Rebbe from annihilation ... 
took a sworn Zionist like Ben Hecht and made his book "Perfidy" the focal point to totally destroy the reputation of Rudolph Kastner ,which Maimon needs to do in order to justify her distortion of the fact ....which remains after all this .... that it was the Zionists that saved the life of the Rebbe...

Instead of giving "hakoras ha'toiv" to Rudolph Kastner and thanking him as our Chazal requires ...
thanking him and the RBS"O that Kastner was the conduit or "shliach" to have saved the rebbie....
Maimon dedicates an entire two pages destroying him! 

The bulk of her article is actually NOT about the "Astounding Rescue of the Satmar Rebbe" but is mainly what a scoundrel  Kastner was....
Maybe he was ... and maybe he wasn't..
he still was the one who saved the Satmar Rebbe!

Maimon to avoid thanking Kastner quick to judge him as an evil person .....
Before you do that ..... Debbie......aren't you the one that keeps quoting from your mentor the historian Esther Farbstein?
Why don't you read the following from Esther Farbstein's Book "Hidden in the Heights" ..... on page 234 discussing some Yeshivois that refused to help fleeing Jews!

"Some Yeshivois were afraid to risk their existence and their students for the refugees; others even forbade letting them in on the grounds that they were rodfim:

Their hearts were full of loyalty to the government, and they were terrified of breaking the laws of the country. Some of them would not aid people fleeing for their very lives if they were staying there illegally without legal documents. And some mistakingly thought the refugees had the status of rodfim."

So Ms Maimon ...the holy yeshivois called Jews running from the Nazis "rodfim" and refused to help them ....
and I won't judge them ..... because I have no idea what I would have done.... 
but you are quick to judge a man who had to deal directly with the highest ranking Nazi in Hungary ...

And what difference does it make what Kastner's  motives were??
If you fell into a deep hole and you are dying of thirst... does it make a difference what the motive is of the guy offering you water?
Do you really care?
And wouldn't you thank the guy even if his motives weren't pure??

This is insane! 

Shame on you !!!


Lipschutz - Yated watch said...

Pinny Lipschutz, the publisher of Yated, is a Litvishe guy who has sold out and went away from the Litvishe Yeshivishe derech in order to flatter Hasidim and Hungarians. He hires Hasidic writers to feed their propaganda to his naive readers. He bends over backwards to try to show that he does not take issue with certain aspects of Hasidim and Hasidus as his background would suggest.

Shameful and disgusting. If he thinks that by kowtowing to them it will help his paper/business, which is under assault by a multitude of competing publications, while the Yated circulation seems to be stagnant at around 18k (see official annual required statement in paper) for years, he is making a mistake. In the long run he and his product and cheapened by such behavior. People can detect a sellout. Hasidim are not buying to run his publication, and he is turning off non Hasidic readers too now.

Thanos said...

Anything I can remember seeing from Debbie Maimon made her sound like a hysterical nut, especially her propaganda to cover up for Rubashkin. The end game is becoming more apparent now that Seasons supermarkets, after all the money was squeezed out in what a Federal lawsuit calls a premeditated fraud, has been sold out of bankruptcy by Pinny & his pals to a Rubashkin-led consortium. Now the Rubashkins can go back to trying to bury all the competition. They've just given Rubashkin the equivalent of the Infinity Stones so that it's very hard for anyone to compete against him.

Avengers, assemble!

Filthydelphia said...

After the scandal of taking money unteren tish in Philly to kasher mamzerus it's no surprise that journalists have tracked down this source for most of the money funding the anti-vaxx insanity in heimishe kreizen.

The meshuggener propagandist Del Bigtree (Grossbaum?) is an employee of hedge fund titan Bernard Selz born in France before the Nazis invaded, who has his Italian shiksa wife providing millions in expense money to fly Bigtree around to Monsey & Boro Park and this can explain who rented the Atrium & Ateres Chynka and paid for PEACH publications.

The mother of Bernard Selz is a Steindecker who they are not just ayneklach of the Levush & other gedolim r"l but they go back in the Frankfurt kehilla over 500 years. Many of the big names in the KAJ kehilla are their cousins.

We'd love to here which "posek" it was that Sholom Kaminetzky may have pulled out of his hat to whitewash this gelt from such a shmootzikeh mekor.

JJJ said...

Pinny's rag is a goldmine. He's building a yuuuuge house in lakewood

Yitzchak ben Avraham said...

lol The zionist Rezs Kasztner the arch murderer of Jews wanted to save the SR ! what a joke.

Kasztner’s Crime. "Bogdanor was “extremely shocked” to find that everything pointed towards Kasztner’s having been “a collaborator” with the Nazis"

“Kasztner’s Crime,” published in October, sets out the case against the Jewish leader in damning detail. Even the most devoted defender might have second thoughts after reading his book."

Didan Notzach mit Chazzonus said...

it became a goldmine when pinny decided it was good for business to anoint rubashkin as melech hamoshiach so that lubavitch would back off the cherem they imposed against the yated. until that point the yated was not sold in most out of towns because the lubavs threatened a boycott against any supermarket and judaica store that carried it

and then buttering up rubashkin got pinny the lowest price on the already low quality and thus low priced tevya's ranch to sell in pinny's seasons supermarkets

for years by the way rubashkin was hiding his ownership down in south america in tevya's behind a crown hts front man so that the federal bankruptcy trustee wouldn't seize it to pay victims who rubashkin screwed. it was only this year for the first time that the rubashkins admit to owning it, boasting to consumers that their new tevya's-seasons combo will have bottom barrel prices that will wipe the floor with all competitors

it's deja vu all over again with rubashkin driving ehrliche yidden trying to make a living into the ground

Dusiznies said...

To Yitzchok ben Avraham
You Scribble:
"lol The zionist Rezs Kasztner the arch murderer of Jews wanted to save the SR ! what a joke."

Are you illiterate?
I wrote that Kastner SAVED the SR ,,,,I didn't write that "he WANTED to save the SK"

All the rest of your garbage that you you wrote . .. even if true doesn't negate the fact that Kastner rescued the Satmar Rebbe...
Every one agrees that the Satmar Rebbe was on the KASTNER TRAIN
And Kastner was the one who negotiated with Eichmann to free those 1700 people...
So you can laugh all you want ... but the facts remain very stubborn

So tell us Mr Yitzchak ben Avraham did the Rebbe get out of Budapest to Switzerland ???
Tell us we are all waiting with bated breath for your explanation!

? said...

Why did Pinny recently move down from Rockland to NJ?

Fort Apache said...

Pinny can be king of the castle in Lakewood where he just built a shul. He will have plenty of takers there with all the brainwashed Philly talmid robots crawling around Lakewood & who've already been writing sycophantic letters to the Yated editor every week in the hopes that Pinny will give them a paid columnist gig. But there are few to idolize him in Monsey where he's known as Moish Finkel's chavrusa, son of the guy giving the lousy hashgocho that no one eats from.

And one more thing, Every time the Philly Kaminetzkys pull off another coup that just about signals their end in the yeshivishe velt, Pinny doesn't have to shlep zich down to Lakewood anymore to beg & bully the BMG roshei yeshiva to not join with the gedolei Eretz Yisroel in signing against Samuel & Sholom.

migalgel said...

Here are some facts, according to sources i read (lots of Google...) Which, if reliable, are IMHO valid counterarguments:

1) Kastner's mission actually 'derailed', which was why the "Kastner train" was rerouted to Bergen-Belson.
The passengers, including the Satmar Rebbe Z"L, remained incarcerated for around 6 months, until the orthodox Askanim (Vaad-Hatzalah in Budapest, and/or the Swiss Sternbuchs) raised the necessary funds.

2) After the release, the Rebbe was told (i think by Dr. Joseph Fischer, Kastner's father-in-law) that Kastner was opposed to the inclusion of the Rebbe, but, thanks to immense pressure, relented.
In other words, the Rebbe was on the transport DESPITE Kastner.

To use an extreme comparison, the Rebbe thanking Kastner would be sort of like 1,200 Jews thanking Amon Goeth YM"S for 'allowing' Oskar Schindler to save them!
I don't think you'd consider that appropriate.

3) It would be ludicrous to expect the Satmar Rebbe Z"L to testify in a secular zionist court!
Can you imagine him on the stand in a courtroom which it's very existence he vehemently opposed, taking the required oath?!!
Even submitting an affidavit would be like some recognition of the Treif court.

4) The Rebbe, who was generally well-known to go to EXTREME lengths to show Hakoras-Ha'Tov, would never refrain from showing his (earthly) saviors much gratitude. Unless... he had a darn-tootin' good reason! A Torah/Halachah Reason.

I have a personal theory that Kastner benefited from the Rebbe's refusal to testify;

On the one hand, it was already COMMON KNOWLEDGE that the Rebbe was on the train.
On the other hand, if the Rebbe would have literally delivered testimony related to his experiences and viewpoints, it would have ended up even more damaging to Kastner's reputation and situation.

We don't really need Ben Hecht's "Perfidy" to draw the correct conclusions about zionist leader's perfidious behavior.
There's a much more reliable source, which i can only assume you're aware of. Namely, the Seffer "Min Ha'meitzar" by Harav Michoel Ber Weissmandel Z"L.

(btw, his biography and adventures are so fascinating that it's a wonder that Hollywood didn't try obtaining the rights... unless... hey... maybe they did try...)

Anyway, i defy anybody to read his Sefer without a box of tissues nearby.

Dusiznies said...

To Migalgel
1. Kastner's Train was derailed ..... but no one knows why ...and speculation by Holocaust historians such as Farbstein write that Eichmann may have never wanted them to survive ....
nothing to do with Kastner's efforts .

2. We don't know if Kastner was opposed to the Satmar Rebbe being on that train, but if he was makes no difference.. he survived by being on that train ..the story about Dr. Fischer, that he told someone that his son-in-law was "opposed to the Rebbe being there" was totally fabricated and manufactured by the Satmar Newspaper Der Yid ... and they themselves admit that they don't have the source of that tale!.... either way ...the Satmar Rebbe was on that train and he survived because of that train ..

3.Yes, I agree that it would be "ludicrous for the Satmar Rebbe to testify in a secular court" ... of course, since it didn't fit his vehement anti_zionist agenda he would never ever acknowledge that the Zionists saved him ...

4. Bring me examples of his "EXTREME Ha"karas Ha'Toiv ....Please
The biggest example of his "EXTREME Ha'Koras Ha'Toiv" would have been his acknowledgment that the Zionist Jewish Agency were successful in rescuing him where as his own Jewish Council in Budapest failed!

Your "PS"
Your "personal theory that Kastner benefited from the Rebbe's refusal to testify" is so convoluted and twisted that it begs the question whether you are sane..

The Sefer "MIn Ha"meitzar though not written by Rav Weismandel but actually by his son, does not refute the fact that the Satmar Rebbe was saved by the Zionists....

You and your girlfriend Debbie Maimon can re-write the Satmar/Kastner saga until the cows come home, but thankfully there are still survivors of that Kastner Train, two that live in Bet Shemesh who just recently documented their personal diary and who I now live nearby, who are very upset and disappointed that the Satmar Rebbe couldn't bring himself to thank someone who saved him ..BTW they were Satmar Talmidim ..

Benito said...

Either back stabbing Eichmann or another high ranking Nazi - I don't recall exactly who - issued an order for the train to be stopped at the last station before Schweiz & to drag all the Yidden back to the lager. It was determined after the war that the Nazi at the post who received the cable pretended he did not receive it until after the train crossed the border. Either he was a righteous among nations or a fanatic for the Mussolini train doctrine.

migalgel said...

1) Farbstein is merely speculating.
But no matter, since the end result was that ORTHODOX Hishtadlus brought the Yeshua to fruition.

2) True. And, back to my extreme analogy (and a dash of sarcasm) the Yidden on Schindler's list owe a debt of gratitude to Amon Goeth YM"S for his 'gracious' consent to Schindler's request.

Do you recall the Chazal regarding Rebbe Shimon bar Yochai?
Reb Shimon stated emphatically that the Romans do not deserve thanks for the services which also benefited Jews. due the fact that they had no interest in benefiting Jews.

Come to think of it, Reb Shimon suffered 13 years as a result of his candor.
And thanks to his resulting isolation in the cave (with his son) we Frum Yidden have benefited from his greatness for nearly 2 millennia!

Do you think we owe a debt of gratitude to the Romans for forcing Reb Shimon into hiding?

3) The Satmar Rebbe Z"L had no ulterior motive in his opposition to Zionism.
On the contrary. He suffered greatly as a result.
Some people seem to have an agenda of resisting recognition of certain Tzaddikim's Mesiras-Nefesh...

4) I believe it would be useless quoting and/or relaying examples of his "EXTREME Ha"karas Ha'Toiv", because i expect that the response will be "It's fabricated".
(However, i can impart some personal experiences of Yeshu'os (Mofsim) that occurred in my family. And we aren't even Satmar Chassidim.
On the other hand, you will likely accuse me of lying, or respond that "It was only coincidences".)

5) Your insulting and degrading comments regarding my p.s. came to me as an unpleasant surprise.
I see no reason for your harsh reaction to, what i deemed, a simple and pleasant exchange.

All i can conclude for now is, bottom line, we will have to agree to disagree.

Dusiznies said...


Your Comparison of the Romans to Kastner is insane....and out right עמי ראצית
Since לכל הדעות Kastner was a Jew because if he weren't,there wouldn't be a discussion at all your "toirele" makes absolutely no sense ...

Your statement that the Satmar Rebbe had no ulterior motive to his opposition to Zionism means absolutely nothing ...
we are only asking him for hakoras Ha'toiv to someone, a Jew, not a "Roman" that rescued him ......

and the only reason "he suffered" was because of a bizarre incoherent shit'ah ...
saying after the 6 day war that the Sitra Achra made the miracles ....
Gedoilie Yisroel laughed at him ......
His ludicrous statement in 1956 and then again in 1967 (This is recorded) which has now been proven wrong that "torah institutions will not exist in Israel in 20 years" ...
turns out there is more Torah learned in Israel then in the entire world combined!

so yes we will agree to disagree ...

Kapos arraus said...

The exact details of the train are a side point when there are some damning bottom lines (applicable to secular Zionists, not religious ones)

The Zionists wanted Jews to die to generate rachmunnes for Israel at the UN. This is documented fact that they were dumb enough to put in writing.

Kastner was a filthy Kapo, the only Jew allowed free travel with a car & a telephone. He persuaded & tricked Jews to board the cattle cars for the gas chambers. The witnesses to this were countless. He trudged into Nuremburg to defend Nazis on the witness stand. No one much cares for the whitewash propaganda that has been trumpeted by Failed Tuchess contrarian Rosenberg because no matter what good Kastner may have also done, the above are documented facts.

There is much circumstantial evidence that the Zionists put out a hit on Kastner after he became too much of a liability & an embarrassment. And it seems to have been done North Korea style with the hitman thrown under the bus when he was caught.

Why were overseas Israeli operatives for many years buying or stealing any copy of Perfidy they could find in book stores & libraries if they have nothing to hide?

chusid101 said...

According to S.R. shlomo y. Gelbman in his book M.S. y. , S.R. was interviewed by a newspaper when he was in Montreal, and was asked about Kastner. S. R. SAID I don't want to talk bad about him.

So he knew the truth. The chassidim are off the wall. They turn themselves into a pretzel trying to deny the fact that their Rebbe was saved by the Zionists.

P.s. I would suggest that Kastner should be honored at the next 21 Kislev ball.

migalgel said...


a) Indeed we are obligated to show Hakoras-Ha'tov to (decent) Gentiles as well.

b) You, my angry friend, are sorely underestimating the caliber of the Satmar Rebbe Z"L.

And i suspect you haven't really investigated his "bizarre incoherent shit'ah" as spelled out in his Sforim. All of which are based on profound Torah-knowledge and sources.
(I read a quote from the "Rav", Reb J.B. Soloveitchik Z"L stating "One can't be a true Zionist until one learns the Sforim of the Satmar Rebbe".)

c) You misquoted his Shitt'a regarding the "miracles" performed by the Sitra-Achar.
I will elaborate only upon request.

d) And i am sure that no serious Talmid-Chochom laughed at him. Many disagreed with him, whether completely or partially. That is true. But "laughed"?! For their sake, i hope not....

e) And finally, know this:
Many times there were great Tzaddikim that made dire predictions which did not manifest. Thank Heaven.
Hashem obviously had Rachmonus and protected us.

We also learned from Chazal that if a Prophet's prophecy does not come true, it does not negate him as a Prophet if the prediction was about a calamity. Because Hashem often cancels harsh decrees.
The Prophet is considered false only if a positive prediction doesn't come to pass.
Kal-V'chomer when the prediction came from someone, even a great man, after the era of prophecies.

I believe that nobody would be happier than the Satmar Rebbe Z"L that his prediction about "torah institutions will not exist in Israel in 20 years" turned out to be wrong.
Besides, it wasn't meant as a Ruach-Ha'kodesh type of prophecy per-se either. Only as a pessimistic forecast stemming from his broken heart and fear.

f) If you desire to be convincing in that the Rebbe was wrong for not expressing thanks to Kastner and his ilk, you would need to present a reliable quote from a great Talmid-Chochom/Tzaddik, to that effect.
Your neighbors in Bet-Shemesh are, i daresay, insufficient sources.


Dusiznies said...

To Kapos arraus
Your bizzare comment
"The Zionists wanted Jews to die to generate rachmunnes for Israel at the UN. This is documented fact that they were dumb enough to put in writing."
Zionists were no tzaddikim
having said that there is no documented proof anywhere that the "Zionists put this in writing"
Rav Weissmandel mentioned it but never substantiated it ....and it was later actually proven wrong in a book by Lucy Davidowitz, a Holocaust historian

And even what you are writing is true .... that they "wanted" which is crazy ....
what does "wanted" even mean????

Once 6 million Jews were murdered they thought it would be a good idea to get sympathy from the nations to help build a state ...
I see nothing wrong with that...

You scribble:
"You misquoted his Shitt'a regarding the "miracles" performed by the Sitra-Achra.."

I didn't misquote anything ... you can hear it with your own very ears ...
there is a tape available that someone recorded by A shalosh Seuda Toireleh (I guess it went late into the night they were able to record) on Parshas Shlach in 1967.....
The Cd is included in a Sefer called שמעו דבר ה'

Then you scribble in reference to the ludicrous prediction that "there will no Torah institution in Israel in 20 years"
that "many tzaddikim made predictions which did not manifest"
I agree with that ... but this prediction proves my point that the Rebbe had a personal vendetta against the Zionists and I believe it was because the Jewish Agency begged the Rebbe back in Sata Mura to join them to help Jews escape and he refused .. so he had guilt feelings ..

My "neighbors" are huge talmeide chachamin who documented their experiences on the Kastner Train and the Sefer will be out in a couple of months for the world to see... BTW these survivors are not in any way pro-Zionists they are actually against the government but they feel strongly that one must give Hakaros Ha'Toiv... yes .. to the Zionists otherwise according to their testimony it is a huge Chillul Hashem ... their words not mine!

Dusiznies said...

the above comment should have been addressed to Migalgel

Dusiznies said...

Kapos arraus
you scribble

"Kastner was a filthy Kapo, the only Jew allowed free travel with a car & a telephone. He persuaded & tricked Jews to board the cattle cars for the gas chambers."

Your hysterical rant makes no sense....
First of all no one ever accused Kastner to be a kapo.... no one
Yes he was allowed to travel because he was negotiating with Eichmann....
but with a "car and telephone?" ha ha
a car with a telephone in 1943 ...hah ha LOL ha ha
and according to all of the latest holocause documents Kastner didnt trick Jews to board Cattle cars to gas chambers ..
the Hungaian Jews knew where those cattle trains were heading ... Rav Wissmandel Knew ....
that's why the Kastner Train was so important ...

Kastner was no tzaddik as I posted .... and yes he defended a Nazi at the Nuremberg trials .....

There is no evidence at all just a figment of you imagination that the Zionists put a hit on Kastner...
in fact the Government foolishly sued Gruenwald for libel to defend Kastner ...
you are reading DER Goy too much ...

Your Childish question
"Why were overseas Israeli operatives for many years buying or stealing any copy of Perfidy they could find in book stores & libraries if they have nothing to hide?"
is so crazy ... that it's laughable .......the book is available here in Israel

But anyway ...
you made my day and I laughed so hard
"Kastner had a car with a telephone"
Keep it up ... you would make a great stand up comic

Kapos Arraus said...

Lucy Davidowitz - I will look into that - "wanted" means that if the Nitra Rov is substantiated, that was before 6 million were dead & they wanted to increase the number r"l to increase goyishe sympathy. I don't remember now if the Rov saw the cable from the Zionists himself or heard edus.

Kapo is the all purpose description of a filthy rat who helps oyvim against Yidden to help himself.

Cars & telephones were in widespread use among the wealthy & the military so vos lachst du?

Just because you know it all today & the Nitra Rov knew it then, what makes you think that all Hungarian Yidden knew the trains went to the gas? Just the Nazi method of unloading the passengers proves you wrong. And when the Poilisher escapees came before the Vaad in Hungary with loads of details they were not believed.

Do you think Ben Hecht is a liar by the way? He writes about the car, phone & propagandizing at the Aktzions.

Yes the Medina was foolish to sue Greenwald but they didn't expect the trial to go in his favor. That made Kastner a hug liability because he had dirt on many top Zionists. The Zionist have certainly put out hits on others so why is this case so veit in your estimation?

Perfidy availability - I am not talking about today. I am talking for sure through the 1980s when you couldn't get the book it unless it was an under the counter sale at a Charedi seforim store. The Zionists decided at some point the book was no longer the threat they once considered it to be.

Dusiznies said...

To Kapos Arraus
Oh the Nitra Rav said that the "Zionists wanted to increase the number of Jewish dead"?????
How crazy of a statement is this?
6 million wasn't enough for the Zionists ...another 200,000 would make the difference between a Jewish State and not a Jewish State ....
See how childish that statementt is ....?

You scribble:
"Kapo is the all purpose description of a filthy rat who helps oyvim against Yidden to help himself."

He sure "helped the goyim" by rescuing the Satmar Rebbe "to help himself"

you write:
"Just because you know it all today & the Nitra Rov knew it then, what makes you think that all Hungarian Yidden knew the trains went to the gas? "

So according to you the Nitra Rav knew and he kept quiet...
so tell me what is the difference between the Nitra Rav who knew yet did nothing and Rudolph Kastner who knew and saved 1,600 Jews?

You write
"Do you think Ben Hecht is a liar by the way?"
If you read what I wrote is that Hecht was a liar and was a backer of the Irgun ...but hated Ben Gurian because of the Ship Affair ...
BTW I am also a Irgun sympathizer .... but I didn't write a book that copied and pasted what was good only for the opposition of Mapai...
remember Hecht was an ardent Zionist and fought tooth and nail for the Zionist Cause
So now you guys take a Zionist and want to prove the Satmar Shitah.... Ha Ha Ha LOL Ha Ha
I bought Perfidy in 1982 without a problem in Tel Aviv
That story that Israel didnt allow Perfidy is a work of fiction.... made up by the editor of Der Yid

Kapos Arraus said...

You are reading my replies too quickly. I never said to add to the 6 million. I said earlier on before the final "score" was in.

All Kapos have done at some point things beneficial to others as well, even that infamous villain Rumkowski from the Lodz ghetto. So what if Kastner had a somewhat pure motive to save some rabbonim at the same time he threw Hungarian Jewry under the bus? And maybe there was no purity as all a political calculation for some reason.

If you want to mock me to defend your position that's one thing but please don't insult the Nitrer ztl. He went to great lengths to raise the alarm by getting word to the ultimately indifferent Allied Foreign Ministries & he convinced the Archbishop of Canterbury through a letter to be sympathetic but the British anti-Semites even ignored their most choshuve galich a bee to let Yidden perish.

I don't agree with Satmar shitos but they hit the nail on the head that Kastner was a backstabbing bum despite his little scenic train ride.

I never said that the Zionist were omnipresent in succeeding to eradicate Perfidy from all places at all times. But I do know for sure it was largely unavailable in 1982. What a coincidence that I bought it that same year! A soifer with a store gave me from hidden stock not on the shelves which he would only produce if the customer was a heimishe.

I don't know when Der Yid first wrote of the book being targeted but I certainly heard this all over in the early 80s.

Dusiznies said...

To Kapos Arraus
Listen buddy....
the premise that theZionists wanted more Jews to die crazy and makes no sense ... this idea was made up by the Hungarian gypsies ...
Yes, once it was known that 6 million were murdered they piggybacked on that to gain sympathy ..what's wrong with that? ...the Claims Conference which was pushed by Satmar works on the same premise ...."give me money because 6 million were murdered" ... but it would not have made a difference to the Zionists or for that matter the entire world if 1 million would have been murdered ..... 1 million and 6 million would have made no difference in the world giving the Jews a State .... besides this was already agreed upon in the Balfour Declaration ..20 years before the war to say that 1 or 2 million was not enough for the Zionists and that they wanted more murdered is so bizarre and twisted that it makes your reasoning so flawed that it is insane!......
You are the one that actually mocked the Nitra Rav .... because you said that Kastner knew about the death camps yet kept quiet ... but one can apply the same reasoning to the Nitra Rav ...who will all agree also knew ..
The Truth is that in Satmar Jabotinski was running around Hungary including Satmar warning Jews that Hitler was exterminating Jews but the Hungarians threw him out of the Shuls because he was a Zionist! ...
In fact when the Dayan Rav Krausz issues a decree that everyone in Satmar fast because of the Nazi Danger, R' Yoel Shut him up and said that he was"scaring the Jews".....
So even if the Kastner and the Nitra Rav would have told them what they knew... the Hungarian Jews would not have believed them .....
And you can call Kastner "a backstabbing bum" all you want ....and maybe he was and maybe he wasn't ...but what is dure and factual is that the Rebbe was on his train and was rescued by the Zionist Train! Absolutely

migalgel said...

Mr. Dusiznies,

I realize 2 things:

1) As i mentioned previously, you sorely and severely underestimate the level of Tzidkus and holiness of the Satmar Rebbe Z"L. (I wonder if you also underestimate his inestimable level as a Talmid-Chochom.)

Which brings us to the 2nd thing.

2) No matter what i will write, you will stubbornly refute. You will demand proofs (albeit you made numerous statements as fact, without bothering to substantiate) and argue endlessly.

May Hashem help you and guide you.

Some of your expressions, and mode of writing, is rather undignified and certainly unprofessional.
I would suggest that you modify your style, if you want to be taken (more)seriously.

If you were my close relative or friend, i would encourage and coax you to go to Monroe, gather a Minyan of Yidden, and with a loud and clear voice beg Mechillah from the great Tzaddik that you foolishly disparaged.
You may ward off undesirable consequences.
(Asking questions is one thing. Insulting is quite something else.)