Friday, June 7, 2019

Knesset Member to American Jewish Palestinian Terror Lover " Protecting Israel’s Security Is More Important Than Pleasing You"

Watch a video of the entire town hall meeting below (the final exchange
 begins at the 14:15 remaining mark):
As Goethe stated,
 "There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action." 
This cretin wanted to show her fellow lowlifes how liberal, understanding and multicultural she could be. An 
embarrassment to all Jews and to our country.
During a town hall meeting near Boston on Wednesday,
 four Israeli Knesset members — from across the political spectrum — each gave powerful responses to an audience member who questioned the Jewish state’s commitment
 to making peace with the Palestinians.
At the conclusion of the discussion — which was organized by 
the Ruderman Family Foundation and moderated by The Algemeiner editor-in-chief Dovid Efune — an American Jewish woman named Shifra came to the microphone in the 
sanctuary of Congregation Kehillath Israel in Brookline and
 warned the Israeli guests, 
“You are losing me and you are losing many, many, many people
 in the Jewish community…I cannot look the other way when
 three Israeli teenagers are brutally murdered, and the response
 is to kill 2,300 Palestinians” —  a reference to Operation 
Protective Edge in the summer of 2014 and the events that 
preceded it.
“I want to know what you are doing to make peace with the Palestinians,” she continued. “I want to know what the 
government is doing to make peace.”

Ohana was the last to speak. “War is horrible. I lost friends, 
I lost family, Mickey lost two brothers. But to say that the
 response to the murder of the three youngsters was the
 killing of 2,300 [Palestinians] is to ignore the thousands and thousands of rockets thrown from Gaza to Israeli citizens. 
Each and every one of them [was] targeted to kill us. 
And if I will have to choose between losing more lives of 
Israelis, whether they are civilians or soldiers, or losing 
you, I will sadly, sorrily, rather lose you.”


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This Ohana is an open mishkavzuchornick

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What the hell is that woman wearing?