Friday, June 21, 2019

Oh Oh! Veiberlach Meeting Yingalite in the Basement of Chase?


Anonymous said...

The mechaber of the blurb means with a male bank employee but there are many possibilities that could make this a non-issue lehalacha except in the mind of some chassidishe who are machmir lifnim meshuras hadin or if the mechaber is a farfrumter dray kop.

One such farfrumter dray kop put up a sign in 1990s BMG Lakewood that stated: "Please do not buy the Asbury Park Press from the newspaper box at the corner of Forest & 6th and b'ezras Hashem the company will take the box away (from lack of sales)"

Abe said...

Preferably, the Rav be consulted should be the same Rav who examines her bedika cloths. Only a Rav who is obsessed with a woman’s natural monthly menstrual flow can determine the ramifications of yichud in a bank safe.