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Monday, June 17, 2019

"Off the Derech" Guys Sing "Raza De'Shabbos"


anonymous said...

No, that's not the central Gaza deShabbos by Pinchus but rather a Michoel Streicher nigun.

anonymous said...

Let's try that again: no, that's not the famous cantorial piece by Pinchik, but rather a more recent nigun composed by Benny Hershkowitz and sung by Michoel Streicher

Sam said...

Believe me thyre alot more sincere than many "frum" people I know

Frum but normal said...

Hashem loves these boys and girls just as much as he loves these so called FRUM phoneys and frauds from Bnei Brak or boro park or Monsey, we are all his children whether we are make believe frum or don't even pretend to be.
As the Bal shem tov teaches,that Hashem loves each and EVERY Jew infinitely more than a mother or father would love a one and only child born to the 25 years after marriage.

Frum_schmekel said...

I think this video is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Hashoichen itom besoich tumosom, as a minyan of yidden gather the shechina is there, even if they are impure.
When they sing & get emotional, & cry the shechina cries with them. They want to be frum, they just feel the system failed them. They are opting for another system, unfortunately they are beginning to realize it is no better.
They also don't realize that the silent majority feels the frum system has failed & been hijacked by mafia. It is all we have that is why we stay, but by no means does it compare to the who rebuilt klall Yisroal after the holocaust.
As rebes & Roshei Yeshive pass on, their children & disciples corporatize their institutions, & as the Judaism becomes corporations, they think of the welfare of the corporation rather than the individual. Unfortunately that is what has happened & is happening, causing many ehrliche yidden to reject what is happening in the chareidi world, however most remain silent.