Thursday, June 13, 2019

Suspect In Arson Fire made Comments on "DIN" and Other Blogs

It seems that the suspect in the arson of this morning is Matthew Karelefsky, who was a Talmud of Yeshivah Chaim Berlin, and had it out for one of the Rebbes and even had his name tattooed on his arm.

It seems that this Matthew, was brought up in foster homes and then was transferred to Ohel and Ohel put him in Yeshivah Chaim Berlin.
When his marriage went south he went berserk and blamed one of the rebbes .....and accused him of sexual abuse....

When he originally wrote me about it, I did a massive investigation and found him to be insane and that he made up the entire story ...

At any rate, he is now a suspect in the arson of this Rebbes home!
Below is one of his posts to DIN, and a photo of the tattoo on his arm!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the truth abt this psycho . He's been making threats against Rabbi Max for years . Rabbi Max helped out his kids and wife and he hates him for it . As a last resort he told a friend that he was gonna spread false rumors that he was molested by him . They are completely false . Rabbi Max is a very straight honest man .

Anonymous said...

Matthew KarelefskyJanuary 13, 2019 at 1:41 AM
I have soo much to say on this..But don't feel like writing all....I will say this...One of the MAIN reasons why I started exploring the option to leave Judaism is bec ( at first) Chaim Berlin forced my children to go to secular studies... Your question kinda makes sense but doesn't address the many , many issues on boh sides... And now I am the BIGGEST ORTHODOX JEW HATER ...And , if my kids weren't forced to go to secular studies , I would still be frum and love Jewish people...PS, I ALSO ( even then) was a big fan of Rabbi Slifkin and the ban on Rabbi Sklifkin is one of the BIGGEST reasons why I left Judaism.

Unknown said...

This man belongs in the loony bin.
I was in Chaim Berlin and Rabbi Max is a very upstanding person.
This guy however was a nut who I steered clear of when I was in school.
The school was kind enough to take him in and Rabbi Max bought him winter coats.
One day he started teaching his kids about the Koran and Rabbi Max helped his wife escape her husband's clutches.
Mind you that Rabbi Max set them up too.

Anonymous said...

You chose to send your kids to a Yeshiva that had secular studies as part of the curriculum �� ?? Thats barbaric that they wouldn't allow ur kids to skip English and not follow the protocol of the school . I could see why this would inspire you to leave Judiasm and hate Jews ( especially Rabbi Max ( he's a straight Jew ,so much more fun when they're twisted) I totally support you in spreading FALSE rumors that you were sexually molested by him . I can't fathom the frustration that brought you to finally come up with this claim after years of hatred and praying that he should die and to see him still living . And how dare he help out ur ex wife and children - that just makes me mad ! You are a victim . We should all have compassion for you and join together and pray that you have a complete recovery .

Anonymous said...

Mathew-you're a pathetic luniatic. F*ck off back to jesus.