Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Handler Wants to Kill Your Babies!

Just a few weeks ago, William Handler "The Incest and Pedophile Supporter,"and the anti-vaxxer cult made national headlines along with a colossal Chillul Hashem at a “vaccine symposium” held in Rockland County. We can expect that to happen again, as a large event is planned for Tuesday night at Ateres Chynka Hall in Flatbush.
At the Rockland County event, held at the Atrium Hall, the audience was privileged to hear from the dishonest conspiracy-theorist individual claiming to be a Rabbi.
But since Handler was the “Rabbi” at this event, the NY Times made sure to quote him in their coverage of this event. Disgustingly, Handler used inflammatory words about elected officials – such as describing NYC Mayor DeBlasio as a “sneaky fellow” and a closet German – “Wilhelm, his real name, was named after Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany.”
(In fact, none of this is true. Mr. de Blasio was born Warren Wilhelm Jr., and later decided to take his mother’s last name as his own after becoming alienated from his father.)
The event caused such a Chillul Hashem, that both Satmar as well as Agudath Israel of America both issued statements of condemnation against Handler. 
Satmar of Williamsburg went so far as to place a full page proclamation in their weekly newspaper “Der Yid” slamming Handler.


Everrrgrrreen Everrrgrrreen Yeder Einer Molest a Heen said...


This "tzaddik" & "baal Musser" lives on Brewer behind Evergreen, north of Old Nyack.

A handler vee Handler said...

We were all just huddling with Ezra Friedlander & have come to the conclusion that DIN is a very, very sneaky blogger.