Sunday, July 29, 2018

Video of a Principal in an Israeli Cheder Molesting a 5 year-old Child


The above video was originally 18 minutes but was censored by the authorities because they cannot reveal the identity of the 5 year old child

An Arab maintenance guy noticed that the principal would bring in children lunch time. . every day in his office and lock the door 

 The maintenance guy secretly installed the camera and handed it over to the Police. In the video you can see the Rebbe rubbing himself against the child and kissing him on the mouth

On the desk you can clearly see Seforim, Tefillen and ironically a "kosher" phone that doesn't G-D forbid have internet


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This is really old and wasn't this in Kiryas Joel?

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Real question, what ever happened with this? Klein should be locked up for life.

A very disturbing video** was leaked onto WhatsApp of a school principal abusing a pre-pubescent boy who appears to be about eight years old. The viral video was taken from a hidden camera planted in the ceiling of the office of the principal of the Satmar (Aron faction) lower school (cheder) in Kiryas Joel, NY (KJ). Rabbi Moshe Hirsch Klein, the principal, is seen seated with the boy forced between his legs and with body and pelvic motions suggestive of masturbation. He uses his hands to alternately caress the boy’s body and face, and to pull him back as he repeatedly tries to get away. At times he also seems to be kissing the boy on his lips. The boy is obviously upset. Thankfully, the boy’s face is not visible and his identity is not disclosed through this video.