Thursday, July 5, 2018

First Lady Visits a Kid's 'Concentration Camp in Arizona


Anonymous said...

I'm sure a visit from some Slovenian woman really made these kids feel much better. She doesn't really care, do you?


DIN,very dissapointed in you,why are you repeating the DemonRats talking point by calling this a cocentration camp SHAME ON YOU,
Every normal country needs to defend it's border,we are being invaded by tens of millions of latinos from shit-hole countries many of them murderous gangsters who break into our country ILLEGALY,year ago before the insanity of liberalism we would have had hundreds of thousands of our troops and marines defending our borders from this invasion,and anyone caught breaking our border would be after a warning would be shot on the spot

Dusiznies said...

I was making "choizik"of the Dems with this headline馃槣