Friday, July 20, 2018

Satmar in Lakewood Stage Anti-Zionist Protest On Busy Road; Children Dressed In Sack-Cloth

What may be a first for the "Ir Hatorah" of Lakewood, the new Satmar Williamsburg Community in Lakewood has staged an anti-Zionist protest.
The protest was held on Cross Street, just west of Route 9 (River Avenue), where Satmar is in the process of building a few hundred homes.
As is the case in many Satmar protests, children were dressed in sackcloth and held anti-Israel signs. No children were dressed in Auschwitz uniforms in this protest.


H said...

fake jews demonstrating what a cult is

jancsibacsi said...

The mentally disturbedt are creating more mentally disturbed, to waste a human mind is the biggest sin in this world