Sunday, July 1, 2018

Fast of Tammuz: Area Set Aside for Reform Jews At The Kotel ..... empty

Amid attempts to approve a plan that would see the expansion of the mixed Western Wall prayer section at Robinson’s Arch, pictures from Fast of Tammuz prayers are being published this morning at the Western Wall, showing the plaza empty.

The pictures, published by Hadashot Kotel Ha’maravi, point to the futile debate between the Reform community in Israel and the United States against the traditional position that prayers should not be allowed at the Western Wall without separation of men and women.

"It's strange that the Reform is fighting for mixed prayer at the Western Wall even as, on one of the days most identified with the destruction of the Temple they are not there, not one of them. That needs to be looked into,” a source from the haredi parties said this morning.
A special ministerial committee will soon convene to approve the expansion of the “Israel Plaza” located on the southern side of the Western Wall.

The meeting of the committee will be possible after the authority of the chair of the committee is transferred from Minister Regev to the Prime Minister. Later, the Knesset will be required to vote on the matter.

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