Thursday, July 26, 2018


Online retailing giant Amazon has reintroduced its free delivery service for Israeli buyers. Amazon first began its free delivery last month although it was halted by the time Prime Day rolled around last week and the shopping frenzy associated with it.

Now free shipping has been resumed although with certain caveats - only for purchases above $75 - precisely the sum above which Israeli buyers must pay 17% VAT for their purchases (and excise for purchases above $500). Tax payments are calculated according to the gross price including shipping (which is now free). The free shipping offer also does not apply to items deemed large and heavy.

As with the previous free shipping offer, it only applies to products bought directly from Amazon and not through third parties. When ordering items from Amazon, on the "I need it" Facebook page, it is important to choose the "Free Shipping" option, which is not the default option.

Some have claimed that Amazon first introduced free shipping last month as a trial to see if it was economically worthwhile for the US online retail company.

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