Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Beit Shemesh Fanatics Declare War On Teenagers that are "Off the Derech"

The fanatics of Beit Shemesh declared war on the "shabavnikim" (OTD Teenagers)  who sit and spend their time in the neighborhood, which they claim is damaging to local youth.
During the night (Monday), the Fanatics arrived on Nahar Yarden Street, corner of Rival, the area where the dropout youths gather nightly, instructing them to leave the area.
Bechadrei Chareidim reports two young men were injured during the fight and were taken to a hospital in Jerusalem for treatment. Beit Shemesh police officers who were called arrested one of those involved in the fight. The police opened an investigation to locate those involved in the violence.
The crazed fanatics intend to continue to confront the dropout youths who wander around the neighborhood.


Anonymous said...

To the esteemed rabbi in the video,

Thank you for your outrage, condemning the fanatics who attacked the girl.

However, the reasons you gave for you condemnation completely miss the point!

1) It's not because their actions will cause other women to now make a point and purposely go untzniesdig, that they should not have attacked her.

2) It's not because they (or frum women) should have spoken to her b'oyfen haniskabel, instead of using violence.

3) People don't leave Yiddishkeit only when there is some underlying, personal problem. They leave Yiddishkeit...just because!

No no no!

What these crazy thugs did was wrong for the following reasons:

a) Israel is a democracy. As long as it's not illegal, you are allowed to engage.

You don't like something? Isn't that just too bad! Deal with it! Go home, vent to your friends, your family; write an op-ed; organize a demonstration / boycott - but keep your hands to yourself! It's the democratic nature of Israel that allows people like you to live openly and to thrive. Don't use that very privilege by disallowing it for others!

Furthermore, will we allow those who don't like and don't agree with your point-of-view to beat you senseless when you venture into their neighbourhoods? NO!

No chassidishe group in the US would ever dare try such a stunt in any of 'their' neighbourhoods (have you seen what is going on in Williamsburg lately??!). The PR would be so bad and more so, the perpetrators would be found out and their sorry behinds would be hauled off to prison.

b) Sorry boys, but you have to take more responsibility for your own sexual desires and for your erections. Learn to rein it in - on your cheshbon, not on someone else's! You don't like what you see, don't look! Don't think about it! Change yourself, not others! This is going to be a lifelong challenge, whenever and wherever you are. Even if you are in the frummest venues, with the most tniusdig women in the world, your ta'avos will still have to be kept in check.

c) WHO are these thugs?? Would you want one of these guys to be your neighbour, your friend, your son-in-law, your brother-in-law?? They are like Jewish skinheads! I am ashamed to identify as chassidish, if I have to share a boat with these guys. Whoever is teaching them to be this way and if this is our future generation, woe is unto us!

Anonymous said...

First of all the girl was not "Frei"
She is a frum girl who goes to a chardal school...but her only problem was that she wasn't part of the lunatics familys of bet shemesh, who by the way talking percentage have a nice amount of runaways..
Just to set the record straight!