Wednesday, July 25, 2018

The "Off the Derech" Teenagers Are Finally Giving the Chareidie Fanatics a Taste of their own Medicine!

The OTD teenagers of Ramat Bet Shemesh are finally taking sweet revenge on the fanatical crazed Chareidim and the fanatics and the sympathetic residents don't like it one bit! 
The teenagers are doing the same thing the fanatics did:  
Harassing innocent children, pulling of head coverings from the heads of innocent married women, throwing stones and beating of Yeshiva bochurim – these are just some of the incidents described in "Bechadrei Chareidim" by chareidi residents who live near Rival Street in Ramat Bet Shemesh.
The extremist fanatical Chareidim,  have decided to take matters into their own hands in the battle against the teenagers, referred to as ‘shabavnikim.’    But they have met their match!
A video documenting a 16-year-old girl who ran for her life in Beit Shemesh was released a week ago and caused a great uproar in the Israeli media. 
The documentation led to many condemnations, and Mayor Moshe Abutbul explained that the girl’s pursuers belonged to a small and radical chareidi extremists referred to as ‘Sikrikim’ that was embittering lives of residents. 
In a conversation with Bechadrei, the residents accuse Mayor Abutbul of evading responsibility, and accuse him of favoring the teenagers, the residents interviewed, all sympathize with the crazed fanatical Chareidim. 
Relating to the Sikirikim, the fanatical uncivilized barbarians, Abutbul said 
“This is an extremist group whose actions even the police cannot anticipate and cannot control,” Abutbul said in an interview with Galei Tzahal (Army Radio) after the video of the chase after the girl was published. They mayor intensified his position, adding, “I do not need such residents.”
In an interview with Ayala Hasson on Radio 103, Abutbul reiterated, “It is the same faction that makes life difficult for us. This is a small, noisy group with whom we have no direct connection. The rabbis are also fighting this group because they are also causing them embarrassment – this is not the way of Torah.”
According to other residents, the city’s rabbis, Rabbi Nosson Kupshitz and Rabbi Rotenberg were in contact with the police, and last Thursday they reached an agreement that no more fanatic demonstrations would be held. 
At the same time, they received a commitment from police to increase their presence to maintain order in the community. They add that last Wednesday, a planned protest was not held in keeping with their commitment to police.
It seems that the OTD teenagers did not get that memo.
And on Tisha B’Av, the youths gathered in the square. 
Some 50 youths gathered on Rival and according to reports began throwing stones and chasing after passersby. People ran into the nearby shul for cover. They phoned police, but the police did not arrive for some time.
“An avreich from the Cheftziba neighborhood happened to pass by and was attacked and beaten badly. 
DIN: There is no police report of that incident and I doubt that happened.
Another community resident, Moshe G. is quoted explaining “we have been abandoned despite keeping up our promise to police. The disturbances continue, and they have even gotten worse. I fear sending my daughter outside to the grocery store. I don’t know who will be waiting for her downstairs”.
DIN: When you start your fanatical demonstrations  ... you get crap thrown back into your face, and you are not the ones to decide when the opposition will stop. Too bad .... when you sleep with fleas you get bitten. 

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