Sunday, July 29, 2018

New York Post Headline Fake News

The New York Post wants to follow the New York Daily News into oblivion!
Reading the headline, one would think that the IDF is randomly killing Palestinians, it's only in the article that you read what really happened, that the Palestinian was a terrorist and was setting fires to tires and shoving them toward Israeli forces unprovoked...
Another Palestinian teen died Saturday from wounds sustained at the Arab Terrorists riots along the border fence separating Israel and Gaza.
Moumin al-Hams, 17, was shot in the chest by Israeli soldiers guarding the border near the southern Gaza town of Rafah on Friday.
Images shared on social media by his friends and relatives showed him venturing toward the fence, setting tires ablaze and pushing them toward Israeli forces, AP reported.
His death brings the number of minors age 18 and under killed during the four months of protest to 18. They are among more than 140 Palestinians killedsince the border protests led by Gaza’s Islamic militant Hamas rulers started in March.
On July 20, a Palestinian sniper killed an Israeli soldier. Another soldier was wounded by Palestinian fire on Wednesday."

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