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Sunday, July 29, 2018

Mendy Israel Admits He Sexually Abused A Minor

In March 2016, Mendy Israel was arrested and charged with four counts of sexual conduct against a child and endangering the welfare of a child.

Over the last years, JCW staff members have watched the brave survivor and her family walk through fire in pursuit of justice. From the day of the first police report, they endured threats, harassment, and even blackmail. They had every reason to give up, but they kept fighting.

Two days ago on July 23rd, Israel pled guilty to two D felony charges of criminal sexual acts in the second degree and one A misdemeanor charge of tampering with a witness. His sentencing hearing is scheduled for October 3rd.
To the survivor: We are in awe of your courage. Thank you for standing strong, against both your abuser and against the most evil elements of our community that seek to silence the voices of sexual abuse survivors. The journey was harsh, but you helped make it just a little bit smoother for every survivor who comes forward after you. Be strong, and hold your head high.


Anonymous said...

Where are all his defenders?
All the people that were claiming hi innocence.

Anonymous said...

Let’s show support to the victims sentencing is on Oct 3rd

mmz said...

Pleading guilty doesn't mean you're actually guilty. It means that you don't want to face a biased jury.

Anonymous said...

So why didn’t he plead guilty 2 years ago when he was offered a better deal?

Dusiznies said...

He looks like an honest guy, so I'll take him at his own words that he is a "rapist."

Anonymous said...

Well said!!

Anonymous said...

The only way you can say Somone is guilty according to Halacha , is the way it’s described in our Torah as u all know the system all these years was rigged (FBI-Justice department) our torah teaches us if u see Somone with a knife running into a house and comes out with a bloody knife and u find a person in the house that was stabbed to death , the man with the knife in his hand is not guilty