Friday, March 9, 2018

Reb Elimelech of Lizhensk Upset That Jews Give Money to Polish Murderers Burns down His Tent On His Own Yurzeit

 The holy Tzaddik R' Elimelech of Lizhensk could not believe that thousands of Jews would willingly give Jewish money to the Polish anti-Semites, so he decided to perform an open miracle and burned down the tent outside his grave in attempt to teach those naive Jews a lesson.

R' Elimelech z"l would rather they learn his sefer on his yurzeit instead of spending hard earned money, only to hand it over to the murderers of R' Elimelech's family.

The miraculous fire apparently broke out in a tent next to the Tziyon, where hundreds of candles were burning. The fire soon spread into the Tziyon, where thousands of “kvitlach” had been placed by Mispallelim at the Kever. There had been candles burning by the Kvitlach which also caught fire, causing the entire Tziyon to turn into flames and smoke.



besides the obscenity of putting tens of millions of dollars into the coffers of these Polish murderous antisemites,these is another reason why Reb Elimelech z"l is not happy with this insanity of tens of thousands of Jews coming to pray to him,because according to HALACHA it is absolutely forbidden to come to a grave of a TZADDIK and pray to him,it is a transgression it's called "DOIRESH EL HAMAYSIM" it borders on AVODAH ZARAH.
even the Satmar Rav (not a fan of his) in his sefer "AL HAGULA" says he absolutely sees no reason for people to run to KIVREI TZADIKIM,there is absolutely no purpose in it

Abe said...

Whoever asserted that the fire was a miraculous response to Polish government Holocaust associated legislation was wrong!
I know for a a fact, with no evidence of contradiction, that the Holy Tzadik R’Elimelech of Lizhenk launched the fire as a protest against the kvitlach to R’Elimelech as an intercessor to Hashem. That is Xtian theology not Judaism! It is obvious that the fire is a warning against this useless breach of Torah mandates.
Daven to Hashem directly. Don’t employ Xtian doctrine!

Unknown said...

I was in Lizensk this year, as I have for approx the last 29 years. I daven that my zeidy, Reb Meilich should be a meilitz yosher for my family. I do not believe that anyone daven to him.

Unknown said...

I have gone to Lizensk approx 29 times, I was there this year. I daven that Reb Meilich should be a meilitz yosher for my family. I do not believe that anyone is davening to him.

Drek said...

He doesnt believe in orthodox judaism but abe is complaining about halacha. What a loser.

Abe said...

Gary Kaufman 9:51PM,

The irony of your statement is that you’re unable to recognize that asking your dead zeidy to be a melitz yosher IS davening to him ; asking him to be an intercessor. You are davening to your zeidy and you don’t even know it. What a tzerdrayta hashkafa!

Abe said...

Drek 9:28 AM,

That all depends how you represent Orthodox Judaism. If you believe that Orthodox Judaism is davening to dead people and banishing women to your deep misogynistic urges, you’re right — I do not believe in your twisted Halacha.

Anonymous said...

Hard earned money? It's not hard earned, it's SCNORRERED!

Abe said...

Another thought arises when we are asked to say Kaddish and daven for the neshama of the deceased to “have an Aliyah” on the yahrzeit. If the deceased died 2 or 20 years ago, the neshama must be in pretty bad shape if it hasn’t had an Aliyah after all of his time.
I wonder where it was shlepping about for all these many years?
I supppose there are a lot of things more meaningfull than reciting an innocuous kaddish for a person dead for all these years, but if you have too much time on your hands and are obsessed with religious rituals for the dead, this is what happens. This is the consequence of forfeiting critical thinking to religious fundamntalism.
If the remains of the scattered atoms or Neshama, wherever they may be, are meilitz yosher for you then its all for the good and it couldn't be better.

Anonymous said...

Many more Zionist students travel to Poland than those visiting kivre zaddikim. (since you love them so much)

Anonymous said...

%%% 8,06 %%%%

Zionists students have stopped the visits, FYI.
This has nothing to do with Zionism but since you're such a sick dude Zionists students caused the bridge in Hawaii to collapse last week. You need to see a doctor.