Friday, March 2, 2018

Burning Israeli Flag in Brooklyn on Purim

שריפת דגל המדינה בפורים

The Mamzer talking on the video is shouting"look how one part of Israel is getting destroyed"

Then the Satmar filth shouts "wow, watch how 
"the entire State is getting burned and destroyed


Anonymous said...

You like it or not but that's part of the מצוות היום on פורים which is מחיית עמלק and Zionism is עמלק

Satmar 101 said...

Dumbass ... the מצות היום on פורים is to burn the farkekte ויאל משה & על הגאולה

Shmuli Auerbach said...

Hey how come no Gedoilim showed up to the Terrorist Auerbach’s levayeh ????

Seeman said...

Your mother should have swallowed you

Anonymous said...

Amalek gave birth to you
May you rot in hell for eternity

Anonymous said...

Self hating Jews
A disgrace to humanity