Thursday, March 1, 2018

Chag Purim Samaich


H said...

So it's perfectly fine to dress like St Nicholas (Father Xmas), a goyishe saint, but not an IDF soldier.Instead they cooperate with the descendents of King Achashveirush in Iran.
These mental retards need culling.
Happy Purim

Anonymous said...

As I type this, it is Shushan Purim in Eretz Yisroel and Purim in the USA.

I have no idea where you are commenting from, however, irrespective, of your residence, I have the following observation:

Especially on Purim when we try to Marbeh Ahava between our brothers With all due respect, as you can see,
this picture was taken in Eretz Yisroel.
I’m sure the person who dressed his children this way, has no idea that this a Kratzmich outfit.

Furthermore, how do you know that last year, his children didn’t dress as IDF soldiers?

Please let’s keep this one (two) day Yom Tov free of acrimony between our brothers maybe then we can influence those that are misguided that our way is better.

Let’s be mekayem V’ahavta with a chumrah. Even those people that get under our skin.
Remember...They are our brothers!!!


RBSO. I could not believe that a yid would use such a word 75 years after the churban.
A little love. Please.

Had you written, These retards need to do TESHUVA, I would agree.
But culling.
Hashem. Please rethink what you wrote and be mekabel to work on your ahvas Yisroel.
(Even when it is hard)
I know you are mad, maybe even rightfully so. But culling.
I can’t get over it.!!

May we ALL be zoiche to do teshuva.
Nobody should judge their fellow man.
Not me.
Not you


H,don't you know that by these Satmar Jew hating gangsters,it is a much more worse of a sin to walk into Israel's parliament the Knesset than to walk into a catholic church,this is the insanity their Rebbe in his antisemitic manifesto VAJOEL MOSHE" has brainwashed his followers with

H said...

"I’m sure the person who dressed his children this way, has no idea that this a Kratzmich outfit"

Of course not. He didn't recognise the Fez as being a Turkish/Islamic item of clothing either.

So your excuse is ignorance. Ignorance is never an excuse - particularly when the Rabbonim like to 'keep em stupid' by deliberately suppressing any desire to learn about the world.

The less education they receive, the more excuses you make for them eh?

A real light upon the world....or in your case'ignorance is bliss'

Abe said...

Anonymous 12:15 PM,

Here in USA it’s Shushan Purim also and Satmar’s hate for Israel is publicly and widely displayed. DUZ 3/2 has a video of them burning an Israeli flag in in an anti-Israel rally, a demonstration that would warm the hearts of Nazis and Iranian terrorists. Yes Purim is a joyous Yom Tov in which we let our hair down ( so to speak) and engage in a bit of raucous celebration. So how does Satmar celebrate? By displaying their hatred for our Medina of last refuge. They burn the Israeli flag— on Purim, the day that you say we should be Marbeh Ahava. When you say we, you’re including Satmar and their military wing Neturei Karta in your plead for brotherhood and comradarie. Really? And all we should do is pray that they do tshuva while their hatred and public despisement of Israel grows by the day. During WWI in 1914, British-and French soldiers declared a cease fire with their German enemy on Xmas and even exchanged gifts and sang silent night together. No such comradarie from the Satmar haters on Purim. How effective has your prayer for tshuva been? Still praying that Satmar do tshuva? You’ve been praying for at least 20 years for Satmar to cease their hatred. How’s that working out for you?
As for culling Satmar, it’s a rhetorical comment meant to say that we hope Satmar disappears from the face of the earth. No one is likely to murder a Satmar but if a plague of brain cancer hits the Teitelbaums and their farkakte Rabbeim it would make my Purim more joyous.Ulifi sh’e hotzee min haklal koffer be’ikar. Satmar are not Yidden. They deserve a missa meshuna.

Abe said...

Anonymous 12:15 PM,

Another point I neglected to mention. Only an insular ignoramus would not know those were Xmas costumes. And these illiterate imbeciles want their hashkafa to be taken seriously? Puhleeze!

Anonymous said...

I am anonymous @ 12:15pm,

The term culling is reprehensible.

Stop with the Bubeh mayses!
I wouldn’t use that words “rhetorically” on any other Yid.

Furthermore, you gave yourself away pal.
You wished a meesa meshuna on misguided Yidden. How dare you!!!!

Daven. So. That. They. Do. Teshuva.
Not for their meeesa.
Shame on you!!!

I stand by what I said:
May we (yes I said we, me, and you, [the one that curses other Jews] and the those Narisher farrikter oxen that get you all riled up) ALL be zoiche to do teshuva so that when, Hashem comes to Tzion we all will be Goel. Uva l’tzion,
May we all see the geulah speedily in our days.

Oh, and one more point: May no one ever curse another Yid so that we witness the geulah quickly.



To,anonymous @ 12:15pm, would you say the same thing about the Jewish Kapos 75 years ago,who helped the Nazi's destroy their own brothers and sisters? i think we would all agree that those murderous bastards did deserve a MISAH MESHUNAH ,as a matter of fact there where numerous instances right after the war,where these bastard Kapo's where eliminated by the hands of their victims who managed to survive,and no one had a problem with that.
If thats the case,why are these murderous Satmar Kapo bastards any better?

Speaking about KAPOS,the two biggest living Jew KAPOS of this generation,is non other than the two Jew hating evil bastard TEITEL-BUM
Brothers claiming to be Satmar Rebbes.
These two evil KAPO Bastards established an organization called "NETRUNA" which has spent already over a million dollars in advertising anti Israel pro Palestinian vicious Jew hating propaganda by claiming that Jews have no right to our God given land before the arrival of the messiah and now it belongs to the murderous Palestinian swines.
This piece of antisemitic human garbage Aron teitel-bum (SHEM RESHAIM YIRKAV) had the audacity when Netanyahoo was here pleading for the lives of the six and a half million Jews living in Israel not to let the evil Nazis iran develop nuclear weapons in order to enable his promise to wipe Israel and its Jews from the face of the earth ,this KAPO BASTARD had his Mayor of Kyryas joel Joel write to all the congressmen of N.Y state not to attend Bibi's speech and not to support his opposition to the Iran nuclear deal.
Actually on second thought ,we should realy ask forgiveness from the Kapo's of 70 years ago in comparing these two vicious Teitel-bum brothers to them,there is no comparison,these two Kapo' dogs are a thousand times worse,after all the Jews who 70 years ago who collaborated with the Nazis at least we can understand why they did it,they did to save their lives and some of them where forced into that postion,but these two Jew hating dogs,WHY ARE THEY DOING IT ? Is there an explanation for this
There is only one explanation- pure unadulterated vicious Nazi like hatred

Abe said...

Anonymous 12:33 AM,

You’re right. I wouldn’t use “cull “rhetorically on any other Yid either. But you’re under the delusion that Satmar are Yidden. They’ve abondoned Yiddshkeit when they sided with our mortal enemies. So yes, they are our mortal enemy as surely as the Nazis were and Iran is today. So go urge Satmar to do tshuva and make nice with them. When they do, they can be megayer (convert) back to Yiddishkeit. But until they do they deserve the despisement of all Yidden who love Israel. When the Rabid “Rabbeim” Teitelbaums croak, bimhayra biyamaynu, and via a Missa Meshuna, we should proclaim a Yom Tov like Purim. If I could get ahold of his Tallis and Shtreimel I’d light a bonfire, say a Shehecheyanu and offer a sacrifice to Hashem for their bitter end.
Tell me where you live so I can send a useful idiot like you, shalach manot.

H said...

Abe as usual -bang on the money.