Sunday, March 18, 2018

Why did Viznitzer Chassidim Block the Entrance of the Satmar Rebbe, R' Aron Teitelbaum, at the Leveyeh?

So the question is: "Why did the Viznitzer Chassidim embarrass the Holy Rebbe of Satmar at the Viznitzer Leveyeh?"

Could it be that R' Aron made the Viznitzer's life 
The Satmar Rebbe needed the Goyim to get  
 him inside
As Trump says
 "Sad, very sad"


Frum but normal said...

Because filthy Jew hating murderous Kapo's are not welcome at a Jewish funeral,

By the way this filthy swine is planning a massive world wide anti Israel demonstration on the occasion of it's 70th birthday

Steve Brown said...

Off topic but you can see from the end of the video that Satmer money owns The media and "Law Enforcement"

Shulem said...

What did they have against him?

Anonymous said...

they didn't have room for so many people so they asked for just 3 people to enter that's all.

Anonymous said...

An enemy of someone is not supposed to go to his funeral or it will look like he goes there to gloat.

Maria said...

Actually rabbi Aaron is Rabbi mottles shvogers shvoger, obligated by rebbishe protocol to attend