Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Here's how police tracked the suspected Austin bomber

Investigators believe a man captured on surveillance cameras dropping off two suspicious packages at a FedEx store in Austin on Sunday is linked to a string of five explosions that have rocked Texas in recent weeks, according to a report.
The suspect in the bombings, identified as a 24-year-old white man who killed two people and injured several others over the course of nearly three weeks, died early Wednesday after he detonated a bomb inside his car, according to Austin Police Chief Brian Manley.
The man was wearing gloves and what may be a blond wig when he entered the FedEx Office store on Sunday evening with two boxes, both of which were found on Tuesday, according to sources who spoke to CBS.
One of the two boxes exploded on a conveyor belt at a FedEx sorting facility in Shertz outside San Antonio, while the second package contained a bomb that was successfully intercepted at a FedEx facility near Austin’s international airport.
The FBI confirmed that both packages were tied to the four previous explosions that have terrorized the Austin area starting on March 2.
Sources told the Austin American-Statesman authorities identified the suspect based on evidence that included security video and store receipts, which allowed them to obtain a search warrant for his Google search history while he was traced to a hotel through his cell phone.
While the suspect is confirmed dead, authorities say they are not sure where he has been in the last 24 hours, and warned the public to be cautious as it's possible he left behind other explosive devices.

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