Monday, March 5, 2018

BINGO! Supermarket In Boro Park Now Selling Shtreimels For $499 Will this be the End of the $2,500.00 rip Off Shtreimals?

Some folks love Bingo, and some hate it.

Those who love it enjoy paying super low prices on their groceries, while those who hate it appear to be many local store-owners who have been severely impacted.
The massive 70,000 square foot store, located at 60th Street and 13th Avenue since November 2016, is huge and spacious, and targets the price conscious and the bulk buyers, especially the many large families in the area and beyond.
But soon after opening, Bingo began expanding into fields other then groceries. They sold Lulavim and Esrogim, they had a live Chicken center for Kapparos, they sold menorah accessories for Chanukah, and now – they are selling SHTREILMELS!
Not only have they branched into all these new fields, but when doing them, they have undercut any business that had been selling those items, effectively transforming the industries.
It appears that the Shtreimel operation is no different – as the price for a Shtreimel is $499. A cheap (“Raigen Shtreimel / Rain Shtreimel) costs around $1400, and a decent Shtreimel can cost anywhere from $2,500 to a whopping $5,500.


Maria said...

Its an attempt to convince the last holdouts in boro park to start wearing shtreimlach. If they really wanted to make life affordable they would sell borsalinos and Freedas for decent prices

Abe said...

Some smart chasid should consider importing dog-hair shtreimels from China. I hear that dog hair is dirt cheap because after they eat the dog, there is almost nothing left to do with the fur. Shtreimels would be a good secondary source of income for the dog meat lovers and chasidim would come out financially ahead too. I figure $50.00 for a dog hair shtreimel.
Hmmmm... Angora cat shaytels might work too.

Anonymous said...

If they start selling human hair shaitels for cheap I will be the first one there.