Thursday, March 8, 2018

Brother Of Late Rabbi Auerbach Says He Is Against All Anti-Draft Demonstrations

 Rabbi Azriel Auerbach, one of the newly minted members of the Jerusalem Faction’s Council of Sages of the Torah World and brother of its late leader Rabbi Shmuel Auerbach, has said that he is against anti-enlistment demonstrations.
The Jerusalem Faction announced on Wednesday night that it will be staging its first demonstration since Rabbi Shmuel Auerbach’s passing last month, following the arrest of a yeshiva student associated with the group for failing to cooperate with the IDF to obtain his military service exemption. 
But in a recording obtained by the Haredi Line news service, Rabbi Azriel Auerbach said he has always been against the frequent demonstrations staged by the Jerusalem Faction and that he does not believe yeshiva students should fight with the police.
The recording is particularly embarrassing for the Jerusalem Faction since Rabbi Azriel Auerbach is Rabbi Shmuel Auerbach’s brother but was recently named as one of the four leading rabbis of the group’s new Council of Sages of the Torah World, the rabbinic body that has supposedly taken up the mantle of leadership from Rabbi Shmuel Auerbach.

“I, from the beginning, was against all these demonstrations,” said Rabbi Azriel Auerbach genially.
“I don’t think that its good for the yeshiva students, for sure I was not of the same opinion as Reb Shmuel for whom the fire burned inside of him,” he continued with a chuckle.
“From the beginning of the journey I was not in favor, I told them that I do agree to do [demonstrations] in front of the prisons and study, [The protesters have a good point], but in the streets?” the rabbi questioned.
“The clashes begin, we don’t need yeshiva students fighting with the police,” he concluded in a disapproving tone of voice.
Rabbi Azriel Auerbach was known to be more moderate than his brother even before this recording came out. The recording is not only a source of acute embarrassment for the Jerusalem Faction, but also indication that the movement is less unified than it appeared when Rabbi Shmuel Auerbach was still alive. 


Wrong said...

Dusiznies said...

Mr. Wrong
I saw that post on Yeshivah World, and if you read the psak.... he reiterates that the Talmidim should not battle with the police and not disobey the law ..... he agrees with "protests' but does not agree with how the terrorists carried out the protests ....

Wrong said...

You wrote that he is against all anti draft protests. That is incorrect.

Unknown said...

What Nachas they are bringing to their fathers Neshama, Rav Shlomo Zalman. Who was the Rav for the IDF. These protesters need some sort of negative punishment. I think for every traffic jam they cause they should sweep the up the streets up Yerushalyim. Stop making Chiluls Hashem. I do not know what is worse these guys or the people throwing chairs across the Beis Medrash is Ponovitch because both sides can not agree

Facts said...

dear rav shmuel and rav azriel two of the greatest torah geniuses of our generation who have spent the last 70 years learning torah 18 hours a day i know you obviously believe that you are bringing nachas to your father but im sorry to have to tell you this but your wrong. how do i know? because Chaim becker said so!

how stupid can a human being be?!