Thursday, March 29, 2018

The Pesach Haggadah ...

by Shmuel Knopfler
The Haggadah commences with words of shame and ends with praise ...

Why are we starting the Haggadah with words of shame?

Wouldn't a nation pride itself with it's glorious past
and erase those parts of its history that may be shameful?

And aren't we  prohibited to remind a convert of his checkered past?

The Maharal points out that in order for a person to ascertain his current position he must look into his past from where he came from.

This is an integral part of Hakaras Tov, simple gratitude.

A third of the Jewish people were decimated 70 years ago.

Today we are resuscitated in our own land with the language of our ancestors.
What a contrast to the abyss we came from.

This is a clear & open miracle of HaShem.

Our physical & spiritual revival manifests itself both
on an individual as well as on a national level.

חג כשר ושמח


Abe said...

Indeed! All Jews should celebrate our glorious Eretz Yisroel and take delight in the economic and technological growth of the only country in the middle east that commands any respect for its accomplishments. Even those who are are secular take pride in its citizens’ talents and achievements. So why would Satmar spew nazi-like hatred towards the country of our last refuge? Because Satmar are no longer Yidden.
Remember to include Satmar in your thoughts when you recite the Hagada — U’lifi shehotzi min haklal kofir b’ikar. They they and all sonay Yisroel deserve a missa meshuna.

Unknown said...

Quotation of the day:
"In Israel to be a realist you must believe in miracles" ...
David ben Gurion ...