Friday, March 23, 2018

With Nothing To Do.. Auerbach Terrorists Protest Violently .... Many Hurt! 28 Arrested

The following are some of the injured:

Jacobson. 30 years old, from Ofakim - broke and bleeding in his right

He is hospitalized at Me'ayanei HaYeshua Hospita  

Muscat. 45 years old from Bnei Brak. Fracture in back. Yehoshua Kruk is 
Markowitz. 15 years old, from Bnei Brak. 21 stitches in the head .. 
hospitalized in the children's department at Maayanei HaYeshua  

Polak. 15 years old from Elad. Stitches on right foot and right hand. 

Pinhas Deri is in the Pediatrics Department of the Maayaney HaYeshua 

A 38-year-old boy from Bnei Brak was bleeding, he could not see. 
He was sent from Einayi Hayeshua to Beilinson Hospital  

Pinchas Cohen. 35 years old from Jerusalem. Concussion and bruising in the head. Entered the head surgery at Tel Hashomer 

 Haim Furman. A 17-year-old from Modi'in Illit stitches his hands and feet. 
He is hospitalized at Tel Hashomer


Anonymous said...

Why is the government treating these traitorous gangsters with silk gloves,not only should they give long prison sentences to someone not registering with the army,but they should also put on trial all these so called traitorous Rosh Hyeshivas and Rabbi’s who encourage this outright criminality and sedition,in any other normal country these traitors would be serving long prison sentences or even might be hanging from the gallows.


after these traitorous bastards come out of the hospital,they should be immediately inducted into the IDF,trained and sent to the front near Gaza and let these criminals go fight Hamas instead of their fellow Jews,and do the same thing to those traitorous gangster so called Rabbis and Rosh Hayeshivas who instigate these animals.
Any so called yeshiva that produces low life criminals and hoodlums like these
marauding savages has no right to exist and needs to be closed immediately,and their IDF exemptions cancelled.
these bastards give FRUM judaism a black eye,what a gigantic CHILLUL HASHEM

jancsibacsi said...

This is what happens when youre kindness meaning the israeli governments is taken for weakness this situation was self inflicted the government has equal blame in this
the sooner htey correct it the better it will be for all