Thursday, October 29, 2015

Jerry Nadler who stabbed his Jewish Constituents in the back, is crawling back like the rat that he is!

This two timing bastard, Jerry Nadler, stabbed his Jewish constituents, in the heart. These constituents are by in large either Holocaust Survivors or children of survivors.

Now that he realized that he is running for Congress again, he ran like a poisoned mouse to Ezra (the Kapo) Friedlander,  who hooked him up with the clown Yitzy "the" Frankfurter.

This clown, is the "editor" of Ami Magazine, a magazine that panders to the Satmar Chassidim .

Ami dedicated 14 pages to this piece of vermin!

THE FRANK interviewed Nadler, a man with no convictions and no morals. Nadler had the Chutzpah of voting to hand over nuclear missiles to Iran, a country that vowed to eliminate the State of Israel and its inhabitants. 

So now while Iran's satellite terrorists are stabbing Jews in the streets of Israel, stabbing men, women and children, and even while innocent Jewish blood is flowing in the streets of Yerushalyim...... Ezra, the Kapo, shlepps the fat Nadler to the "chuchim fin de Ma'Nishtana" Yitzy, to interview him so that the lying bastard can explain his treacherous vote on Iran...

Nadler apparently  knows that the naive  Jewish Chasidishe sheep will forgive him and put him back in office so that he can continue to lick the backside of Hillary Clinton who he thinks will be our next President!

Why would Ami stoop so low? 
Is it because of how much money the fat bastard will funnel to our "holy" moisdois?

What is it with us Jews, that follow this money whore, Ezra Friedlander,? 
Why do Jews listen to this admitted High School Dropout that cannot calculate a simple tip to a waiter in a restaurant, by his own admission? 

Why do we re-elect political vermin, who laugh at us, and who turn their backs on the Jewish People?

This guy, Nadler, a lying politician knew that he can kiss up to Hussain Obama and the Jews will say "thank you" and vote for this snake again!

It's time to dump him..... better vote for an open anti-Semite than for a guy that says he is for the security of Israel and then votes to place nuclear weapons in the hands of tyrants that vow to destroy us...


Anonymous said...

DIN,how true,how true,this is one of your best post's,you are one million percent right,
Please keep up your amazing work in exposing the dirty slime balls in the our community

Anonymous said...

The Ami article condemns Nadler. So I'm not sure where you are chatting from

Dusiznies said...

You fell for The Frank's deception! And he does not condemn Nadler at all, what this trickster did, was put out questions to that fat bastard that we would ask, and for that I have to praise him......
but, and this is a big BUTT, he put that two faced bastard on the cover, gave him 14 pages and there is a gigantic two page pullout with a photo of that fat bastard.
At the very end of the interview the Clown Yitzy says, and I quote:
"I do not doubt his sincerity, I truly believe that Jerry Nadler did not wantonly abandon Israel out of political considerations, but sees the Iranian nuclear deal from a certain perspective because of politics"

Do you read this sick double talk?
"Did not abandon Israel out of POLITICAL considerations" ...... and then the Clown writes:
"but sees the Iranian nuclear deal from a certain perspective because of POLITICS"
Sick meshiginar that thinks his readers are a bunch of fools!

Dusiznies said...

The worst part was that AMI gave that lying traitor a forum! And for that Ami should be put out of business!

Anonymous said...

DIN I usually am on the same page as you. But if you read the article you'll see that Ami chastised Nadler in the article, so I'm glad that it is the best selling Jewish publication in the USA!

Dusiznies said...

Read my above comments