Sunday, October 18, 2015

MSNBC continues with the brazen lies !

MSNBC has faced criticism recently for its cover of the wave of terror attacks in Israel in the past month and their latest gaffe takes the prize.

The news station was most recently slammed following a segment featuring Martin Fletcher, MSNBC’s “Middle East expert,” who showed a map claiming to show the progression of Israeli "occupation," starting with the state's 1946 borders, to the 1967 borders and finally to present-day borders. 
“I must say it’s pretty shocking when you present it this way," Fletcher said. "What it clearly shows is that if there’s no peace agreement between the Palestinians and Israel, more of those green areas, more of that Palestinian land will be eaten up by Jewish settlements."

"Although right now there is a freeze on settlements by Israel because there’s so much international pressure, the Palestinians say 'If we don’t have peace soon we won’t have a Palestine left.'”  

So what was wrong with the map? It is a piece of inaccurate Palestinian propaganda. It claimed that in 1946, present-day Israel was under Palestinian rule, leaving out the fact that it was under British Mandatory rule until May 14, 1948, when the British Mandate came to an end.

Another mistake came in the 1947 map which the graphic referred to as the "UN plan." This was inaccurate for the fact that the supposed 1947 borders never existed, since the UN's partition plan was rejected by all Arab countries.

In the map showing the 1967 borders, a further mistake was made. Though
MSNBC's graphic labeled the green area as "Palestinian land," in 1967, the West Bank belonged to Jordan, while the Gaza Strip was under Egyptian rule.

Luckily for Israel, however, the well informed quickly caught the mistake. Facebook users lambasted the segment as “absurdly stupid” and fictitious. One particular user named Daniel Laufer tagged both Fletcher and his co-host Kate Snow in a post expressing his disbelief that the two anchors didn’t know better than to realize that the map was blatant propaganda.

Fletcher saw the post and issued an apology in the comment section, writing “Daniel, you're right. I should have corrected the first map, which I didn't see until I was on air. No excuses."
Daniel Laufer
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MSNBC right back at "reporting" MidEast fiction:
Kate Snow & Martin Fletcher air blatantly false map series produced by Palestinian propagandists. Martin, you should know better, just like you know that Israel bans Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount, your comments notwithstanding. Basic rebuttal here: The Tower Magazine

MSNBC continues its perpetual march into ratings obsolescence with this patently stupid map…

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