Thursday, October 8, 2015

Yossi Gerson Still Missing: $20,000.00 Reward

Please read below from Alan and Wendy Gerson:
There isn’t much to say other than we are heartbroken. Our dear Yossi has vanished without a trace and we are asking and begging everyone everywhere to be our eyes and ears in the hopes that somebody has seen something. Whether you are in the Five Towns, Queens, Brooklyn or beyond, we ask you to share this information with anyone that you can.
Yossi needs to be found quickly so he can get the proper medical care from his doctors and resume what had been a wonderful and successful medical school path.
We ask you to respect the privacy of our family during this difficult time and we continue to have endless thanks to the hundreds of incredible heroes who continue to do everything they can to bring our Yossi home safely.
Please continue to daven for Yosef Yechiyeh ben Devorah.

From Achiezer's email list:
Yossi Gerson, a long time Lawrence resident left his home over Shemini Atzeres to visit a friend in Queens.
He was supposed to have returned home at the completion of Yom Tov but never did.
Yossi is in desperate need of medical attention and we really need any and every possible lead as soon as possible.
Please see attached flier below and if you have any information whatsoever please call:
Nassau County Missing Persons Squad-516-573-7347
Or 911
His Hebrew name is Yosef Yechiyeh ben Devorah.

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