Sunday, October 18, 2015

Neturei Karta Mamzeirim Leading Huge Anti-Israel Rally In Times Square

May HKB"H eradicate these living bastards YM"S with Hamas and Hezbollah together!


Anonymous said...

ORUR MEKALEL NAFSHO your curses won't make any affect on them, but the above mentioned chazal will definitely hit you back, and btw how come you're allowed to curse and if someone else commented something with a curse of chazal your nerves explode and you delete their comments? Reply is unnecessary and irrelevant
And btw BH we still have normal ppl notifying the world that Zionism has nothing to do with Judaism, although I'm not really on the same page in regards to go WITH the Muslims but still better than with Zionistswho are the REAL murderers BREUCHNIYES VEGAAHMIYES

Dusiznies said...

If that Chazal is correct and I suspect it is ... you are never getting out of hell!
You sick dog!

Anonymous said...

Why? Because if i wouldn't tell you about it you think it would of been a good excuse? And btw why does the Zionist regime have a right to deal and meet up with the Palestinians and no one else is allowed? Zionism does NOT represent Judaism at all! And if they're allowed anybody is allowed

Anonymous said...

Because you're too dense to differentiate between a GOVERNMENT responsible for the safety of its citizens dealing with an enemy within, to try to negotiate a deal, as opposed to illiterate primitives embracing and supporting bloody murderers of Jews and even themselves.

And, since you had to rush out to your b'iyun shiyur and were in great haste, you can be forgiven for a typo.
Probably you meant to doodle " The Netumei Klavtes do NOT represent Judaism." Because , as you are well aware, Zionism represents millions of Jews B"E"H".

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