Thursday, October 29, 2015

Mishpacha Magazine asks Arabs to stop stabbing Chareidim, Non-Chareidim apparently ok to stab!

So this is what the Chareidie world is coming to. They hate the IDF (notice they stopped throwing stones at IDF while the stabbing spree is on), they hate the Medina, are prepared to relinquish all Jewish presence on the Har Habayis and now are asking the Arabs to stop stabbing them because they don't have a dog in this fight!
To them "Kol Yisroel Chaveirim" is only a nice statement for the Chazzan to say during Rosh Choidesh Benthching but not in actual practice!

They refuse to understand that Arabs like Hitler YM"S will kill all Jews and throw the Chiloinim and the Chareidiem in the same oven!

It's interesting to note that the Zionist IDF doesn't distinguish between Chareidim and Chilonim, they protect all Jews alike. 
During the Entebbe Raid ... no one in the Israeli cabinet said "let's only save the chiloinim"

And therein lies the problem and why Israeli's, Frum and otherwise, have problems with Chareidim. 

This feeds the issue that Chareidim care only for themselves and to the detriment of others. Everyone should pay more taxes to support them, everyone's children should risk their lives to protect them but not their children whether they are learning or not and even if other people's children are learning. The fact that Chareidi Shuls don't even have the decency to make a Mishabeirach for those who do risk their lives, adds much fuel to these feelings..

I do not believe that the average Chareidi is that callous and uncaring. The problem lies in their leadership, especially their political leadership.

It's time for the average Chareidi to stand up and insist these vile comments and utter stupidity STOP!

You have to question the real value of the Torah learning of misfits who actually think like that.

The Charedi Mishpacha newspaper created a social media firestorm on Thursday after it published an opinion article in which the first paragraph, printed in Arabic and in Hebrew, asked that since members of the haredi public do not go up to the Temple Mount “could you please stop murdering us.”
The article, written by Mishpacha Magazine deputy editor Aryeh Ehrlich, explained how the haredi community refrains from going up to the Temple Mount since the haredi rabbinic leadership prohibits visiting the site.
Almost all leading haredi rabbis and arbiters of Jewish law rule that Jews may not visit the Temple Mount since they may enter areas that are forbidden to enter without undergoing purification rituals which cannot be conducted today.
“Us, the haredi community, we have no interest in going up to the Temple Mount in our time,” Ehrlich writes. “We oppose this vehemently. Moreover, Jewish law see this as a severe prohibition - punished by spiritual excommunication.”
“So even if you have solid information on Israeli desires to change the status quo at the Dome of the Rock - something which is incorrect to the best of our knowledge - the haredi community has no connection to it. So please, stop murdering us.”
In the rest of the article, the Mishpacha deputy editor observed that several victims of the recent spate of terror attacks have been from the haredi community, and wrote that he was trying to understand why this was the case.
He went on to detail a conversation he had with an Arab worker at a Rami Levi store and he tried to convince him that members of the haredi public do not go up to the Temple Mount.
Ehrlich was subjected to fierce condemnation on social media once awareness of the article spread.
“How wretched and ghetto like can you be? Is this your version of ‘loving your neighbor as yourself’? Of loving your fellow Jew,?” asked one person on Twitter. “Are you are calling on Arabs not to murder haredim because they don’t go up to the Temple Mount but insinuating ‘go and murder those who do? Disgusting. What about just calling on them not to murder. It would be more humane and more Jewish.”
One talkbacker on haredi website B’hadrei Haredim exclaimed “What about other Jews who aren’t haredi, them you should kill?????”
“The Mishpacha newspaper is turning to murderers to ask them not to murder haredim…everyone else is okay apparently. (He forgot that the pogrom in 1929 was because Jews went to visit the Western Wall),” tweeted far-right former MK Michael Ben-Ari.
Following the outrage prompted by his article, Ehrlich took to Twitter and said that he was trying to explain in his article that the Islamic Movement in Israel was trying to create a religious war and has urged Palestinians to attack people with a religious appearance.
“My article in the Mishpacha Magazine says: This religious war is wild incitement based in imaginary rumors. Most people who observe the religious commandments don’t go to the Temple Mount, if only because of the religious prohibition. The article was trying, naively it must be admitted, to tear the away the mask from the murderous Palestinian aggression which has been going on for decades, and to neutralize the false Islamic incitement.”
Content is provided courtesy of the Jerusalem Post


Anonymous said...

This ugly insanity we would have expected from rotten Frankfurter and his stinkin rag AMI,but not from MISHPACHA.
Anyways,must put on pressure on Mishpacha to immediately fire this piece of human garbage editor,i myself who am a subscriber e-mailed them ,either they fire this bastard or we cancel the subscription

Anonymous said...

Not sure what gripes that Romanian has with Ami. I've been reading it and it aint insane at all.

Dusiznies said...

First of all I'm not a Romanian, second of all your'e on the wrong thread, third of all ...It's not about the article's about the deception of Ami!
ami put that fat two-timing bastard,Jerry Nadler, on the cover, gave him 14 pages, and finally, Ami gave him a forum ...