Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A Day in Infamy Watch the Obama Administrations Refusal to Condemn the Palestinians

Yesterday, Tuesday October 13th, 2015 – a date which will live in infamy – the United States of America achieved one of its greatest moral failings ever in a press release or interview.
There is nothing that can be said after seeing this video.

There is no greater moral failure on the part of the United States.There are no words that can justify the words not said.

Mark Toner, spokesman for the Obama administration, was interviewed by AP reporter, Matt Lee on Tuesday.

Watch how the dozens of Israelis that are dead and wounded in the past two weeks means nothing.

Watch how this is not terrorism.

Watch how the President looks upon both sides.
Watch how the administration delivers the same message to both sides.

Watch how President Obama’s administration will refuse to identify Palestinians as the perpetrators of a wave of horrific violence.

Watch our country’s moral failure. “Does the United States believe–does the administration believe–that Israel is inciting or not condemning violence?” Lee asks.

Mark Toner’s amoral and immoral response? “I think what we’ve been very clear about saying is that we want to see both sides take affirmative steps.”

The Ap Reporter, in disbelief, presses further, “So the U.S. – the administration sees both sides at fault here, is that correct?” Lee asked.

“Both sides need to, as their leaders need to express the fact that both sides need to decrease the tensions that are leading to ongoing incidence of violence. But you know, you’re asking me to assign blame and I don’t think that’s the case,” Toner responds.

“I’m just trying to figure out what is it you would want the Israelis to do more in condemning the violence,” Lee questions.

“For one thing, upholding–for one thing, as I said upholding the status quo in Haram al-Sharif and Temple Mount,” Toner said.

“But has there been suggestion that the status quo is going to be changed?” Lee asks in disbelief.
In further disbelief, Lee asks, he begs, “Do you think the Palestinian Authority, President Abbas, needs to do more to combat incitement and condemn violence?”

Toner replies, “I think that both leaders need to – need to convey that message.”
This is “We’ve got your back?”

This day shall go down in infamy.

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