Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Ezra Friedlander demands the City give Yeshivas $$$$$ with no oversight!

This Ezra Friedlander that stabbed Holocaust Survivors in the back, now wants Yeshivas to receive money even though  graduates of Yeshivah cannot read write or speak English  and cannot do simple arithmetic!

He admits that he himself cannot add, subtract and do simple division and never graduated High School. He admits that he cannot calculate a tip in a restaurant and claims that he functions in society.  
He seriously believes  that all Yeshivah graduates go into a field of "Tuchas Lekking" politicians, as he did with Fat Nadler who supported a bill to hand Nuclear weapons to Iran, a country that vowed to annihilate the State of Israel! 
 This business of "Tuches Lekking" requires minimal education and there is no need for arithmetic in that field!

My wife is a teacher in a boys school in Monsey and says teaching in Yeshivas is like walking into an active war zone. 
The kids have no respect for English teachers. 

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