Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Belzer Chusid goes on the Har Habayis just like many Rishoinim did!


A protest was held outside home of Yosef Elbaum, who is counted among the regular visitors to Har Habayis despite being a member of Belz chassidic community, that does not condone visiting the holy site. 

The protesters shouted “murderer” and waved signs stating Gedolei Yisrael forbid visiting Har Habayis, though there are Gedolei Yisrael that say that we must be a presence at the Har Habayis.The Gedoilim like the Arabs  blame the Jews who visit Har Habayis for the recent wave of Islamic terror and harsh shift in international opinion against Israel.

It appears the protest was prompted by a report released by Reuters, which shows Elbaum visiting Har Habayis along with other Jews. The report shows how a chareidi rabbi is among those visiting the site.

When confronted, Elbaum denied he was on Har Habayis. His response is attributed to his fear of protests against him for his actions. However, the video shows a different story and a protest was organized outside his home within a number of hours. 

As a result, Elbaum told leaders of the Belzer Chassidus that he will refrain from such actions until such time the situation calms down.

The Elbaum family has been counted among the visitors to Har Habayis for a number of years.





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Anonymous said...

I'm not debating the pros/cons of going to the Har Habayis. I AM wondering how long Mr. Elbaum will still be with this cult. Obviously, he has a mind of his own, and that of course brought the leidigeirs and their minions to scream:
." Hisgooooooooooooooooooriiiiiiiiis be' iiiiiimmmiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimmmmiiiiiiissss!!!!

So why do you guys build the biggest shul in Jerusalem, the city that all Arabs consider as the heart of THEIR land? Talk about hisgoooooooooris be'iiiiimmmmmissssss.

Belz wants Big...!!!! Belz wants the Biggest...!!!!!

I was asked upon my return from an EY trip if I visited the BB ( Big Belz) shul.

My response: Where I can I get a good shawarma???


Hisgooooooooooooooris b'immmmmiiiiiiii-iiiii-iiiii---ssssssss !!!