Monday, January 30, 2023

The Healthy Jew .....

Dear Readers,
 I have recently come across a newsletter that I found very informative and inspiring. It's called "The Healthy Jew"  "Finding Wellness With Purpose," it's insightful, practical, and it's free! 

This "email newsletter" is published every Thursday by a qualified professional and it covers nutrition, exercise, stress, nature and hiking (particularly in Eretz Yisroel), and much more!

This publication is a call to take our health seriously, not just to make a good life possible, but because caring for ourselves is where good choices begin. As the Rambam explains, a person enters humankind by using his mind to guide his body’s actions to a single immediate purpose: physical and emotional well-being.

DIN has subscribed, and I read every article, and strongly recommend "The Healthy Jew" to all Yidden.

Here is the latest edition of _The Healthy Jew_, written the day before the terrorist attacks, and is now even more relevant.