Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Man exposes himself on "Flatbush Girl's" Livestream .... Her "haters" ...Frum Women who Hate her Thought it was "funny"


What happened during the Instagram Live?

Adina Miles-Sash, also known as FlatbushGirl on Social Media, started her live stream on Saturday night together with another organization. 

Suddenly someone asked if he could ask a question.

 Instagram influencer Frumee Taubenfeld said that. "It seemed urgent, so she answered it and it was a male who was exposing himself."

"It occured in a space that women were having safe conversations about critical resources that may be needed for unplanned pregnancies," she said while addressing the situation on her Instagram story. "[As well as] for women who were experiencing crisis when it comes to their reproductive health and their bodily agency."

Sash shared a screenshot of a commenter saying "I am a woman laughing at you trying to defend yourself when you knew eventually things like this would pop up."

The story went viral after a Jewish podcast "Mislabeled" spoke about it on their Instagram, turning it into a joke.

 "Someone jumped onto Flatbush Girl's [Instagram] live last night, just absolutely waving his shlong for the entire world to see," the podcaster said laughing

."Whoever was put in charge of this operation, you selected the right man," he continued. "Whoever this dude is, is an absolute professional."

After facing criticism from commenters on their video, they posted an Instagram story trying to "dumb it down" and try and make it seem like it was a joke from the beginning, writing,

 "I am a professional liberal and I'm part of the 'no fun, can't take a joke' club. I also am not smart enough to understand the nuance of how something that's not appropriate and wrong can still be hilarious," as well as asking "Is this you?" with two options for viewers to click on."

They also posted to their story later two videos of what they claim is a "live reaction" of FlatbushGirl's husband laughing at their reaction video saying, "FlatbushGirl def secretly cracking up in bed watching this with her hubby."

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Joe Magdeburger said...

Indecent exposure is not "witty" or funny. The women who thought it was funny probably envy Flatbush girl's fame. I was born back when Eisenhower was President. Has the world changed that much that even Frum people laugh at this?