Sunday, January 8, 2023

Rabbi responds to uproar: The Torah forbids gay relations, what do you want from me?


Rabbi Meir Mazuz, head of the Kisei Rahamim Yeshiva, responded in his weekly lesson on Saturday night to the uproar following his remarks last week against the Gay Pride Parades and against Knesset Speaker Amir Ohana, the first openly gay Knesset Speaker in Israel’s history.

"The country is in an uproar. What? I said? No one else said the same thing? The Torah said 'it is an abomination', what do you want from my life?" said Rabbi Mazuz.

Last week, Rabbi Mazuz implicitly hinted that Ohana, who served as Public Security Minister at the time of the Meron disaster in 2021, was responsible for the disaster.

"And impudence above all, two years ago when there was the disaster in Meron, they say that the minister who was responsible (Ohana -ed.), is infected with this disease, so there is the question of why did this happen to us? It happened, we have stay away from it!"

Before that, he attacked the pride parade and called it "the parade of beasts".

"We need to stay away from the pride parade, they are boasting that they are doing the pride parade in Jerusalem. When there is such a parade we should shut the windows, and tell the children that ‘there is a parade of beasts here’, these are animals walking on two feet, this is impudence," said Rabbi Mazuz.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday criticized Rabbi Mazuz’s tirade against Ohana.

"I strongly condemn the statements against the LGBT community and the Speaker of the Knesset, Amir Ohana. Every person is created in the image of God. This is the principle that was brought to humanity thousands of years ago by our people and it is the principle that guides us today as well," Netanyahu said.

Ohana himself responded to the criticism that has been directed at him.

“It is better that I fail a hundred times in unrequited love of Israel than fail once in baseless hatred of Israel,” he tweeted.


Anonymous said...

The Rabbi is correct. Why does the minority keep imposing itself on the majority? Being gay is not about what kind of person you are such as the talented Amir Ohana, but rather what kind of sex you like to have. The media and politicians keep innundating us with the gay agenda and influencing our children by telling them that it's OK, hip and fun to be gay. Kudos for Rabbi Mazuz for telling it like it is.

Anonymous said...

Being gay is one thing, which I consider as private life.
Being a gay propaganda activist is a whole different parsha. The "pride" parade and that LGBT tyranny belong to the second kind, and no one can force me to tolerate this despicable horrendous political dictatorship.

Joe Magdeburger said...

If every menuval were allowed to cut out offending passages of Torah, we would be left with a scrap of blank parchment. I ache for the stones of Jerusalem that they must bear the weight of a "gay" pride march.

Anonymous said...

Gay relations are a to'eivah. Oh, poor Ohana. Financial crimes are also called a to'eivah but suddenly Aryah Deri is a Chareidi saint.

Cohen Y said...

This gives the nation's their right to even exist Chullin 92.

According to 2 sources this is the crucial battle of acharis hayamim

What else besidesbesides Avodah Zarah is Harog V'al Ya'avor
and also
7 mitzvos Bnei Noach and also
Chayav Sekila
and also
can't ever be suspended for even a moment (unlike murder eg collateral damage in the case of battle)

Cohen Y said...

"The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in A Period Moral crisis maintain their Neutrality"

Even Identifying with "pride" because it is avant garde & Cool (or 'normal')
makes one a Public corrupter, irrespective of any personal act

The anaconda is ever tightening the coils