Monday, January 23, 2023

The Deri Fiasco and the Gedoiei Hador


Now that Aryeh Deri has been fired, it's important to not only know what actually transpired but to see what we can take away and learn from this story!

My humble opinion is, that if when voting, the public knows the background of a candidate such as Deri and also knows that he was convicted twice and nevertheless they decide to vote for him, then he should serve in whatever capacity he is appointed. 

The Israeli Supreme Court whose justices were never elected but appointed by other Supreme Court Justices (not like the USA where the President appoints the justices) should stay out of this, since this is none of their business. 
The people have spoken and that's who they want. 

Having said this, I want to address the Gedoilim!

In 1999, Aryeh Deri was convicted of bribery, fraud and breach of trust!
He was given a three-year jail sentence and served 22 months. 

His followers claim that he was set up and was completely innocent (I'll get back to that later), despite Rav Ovadia Yosef calling him a thief, and a rasha! 
Channel 2 actually released video footage where one can clearly hear the Rav saying this.

When I say that he was convicted, I forgot to mention that Deri himself admitted to his crimes in gruesome detail.

When he got out of jail, Deri, continued brazenly, heading the Shas party, and was subsequently appointed Minister of the Economy and Minister for the Development of the Negev and Galilee. He continued serving as Minister, on various other ministerial positions! 
Only in Israel!

Then on November 20, 2018, police ended a criminal investigation into Deri with a recommendation to state prosecutors that he be indicted for "committing fraud, breach of trust, obstructing court proceedings, money laundering, and tax offenses."

In 2019, this recommendation was adopted in full by the state prosecutor, but in 2021 the AG Avichai Mandelblit dropped all the charges except the tax offenses in a plea deal!

In January 2022, Deri resigned from the Knesset as part of that plea deal. Deri in his plea deal, admitted in detail to underreporting the value of property sold to his brother to avoid land tax, failure to report income from the sales and evading taxes on NIS 534,000 of income, by funneling payments from Green Ocean investment fund to his brother.

Deri received a year's suspended sentence and was also ordered to pay a NIS 180,000 fine. This latest deal (dropping the theft and fraud charges and staying out of jail) was contingent on Deri agreeing not to join the next Knesset, which is the one we are in now!

In the last election, Shas put Deri second position on the list, thus being re-elected to the Knesset. 
Last Friday the Supreme Court of Israel ruled that Deri was not allowed to hold a position as a cabinet minister due to his conviction for tax offenses. 
Yesterday PM Netanyahu dismissed Deri from his official posts in the Israeli cabinet. 

Below I show all the property that the Deri family owns, worth millions, and maybe even billions....... all this, working all his life for the "klall" in the Knesset! 

But as I said before, if that's what the public wants, then "kol ha'koved" If the public are a bunch of masochists, then they deserve what they got!

I'm, though, very disappointed in the Gedoilim, both Sephardim and Ashkanizim who not only didn't say one word against a man that Rav Ovadia Yosef publicly called "a thief and a Rasha" but actually supported him. 

Here is a guy who has become a multi-multi-millionaire on the public's dime and admitted under oath that he took bribes and committed fraud, and not only that, but agreed not to join the Knesset, and didn't care to put the entire new government in jeopardy. If it was up to him, he would put the country thru another election, costing billions just so that he could be a minister!

But forget about him, what are the Gedoilim thinking? 
What message is this to our children? 
How do we explain to teenagers that the Gedoilim are supporting a thief and fraudster?

This is not about the Supreme Court getting involved in politics, and it's not even about Deri....It's about our "manhigim" our "gedoilim" who are supposed to teach by example. 

Now look at the ad asking women to light Shabbos candles 10 minutes earlier to help this thief and fraudster!

Moshiach better come soon, because if he doesn't come soon, he won't have to whom to come to!

See below Deri's properties! 

Here are 16 real estate properties; The buildings, plots, construction projects and income-producing properties of Shlomo Deri, his family and Yosef Reitzer - the straw man from the Aryeh Deri bribery scandal

1. Jerusalem Givat Shmuel
A building with 26 apartments, Deri and his family own 36 percent of the rights in the property

2. Jerusalem Givat Shaul
A 90-apartment building in Deri and his partner Jackie Bloy owned most of the land on which the project was built

3. Jerusalem Givat Shaul
Hamad Residential Apartments, the properties that Aryeh Deri sold to the children of Shlomo Deri - part of the investigation file against the two.
The apartments were recently sold to new owners

4. Jerusalem Rehavia
A project for the construction of a boutique building with 10 apartments.
Deri owns 50% of the land

5. Jerusalem Rehavia residential building.
Plans have been submitted for expansion and addition of a floor, so that the building will have 10 apartments.
Deri owns 50% of the land

6. Jerusalem Rehavia
A 60-apartment residential building in "Gan Rehavia", part of the Catholic Church's land
Deri held 17.5% of the acquiring company.
After the publication in Haaretz, Deri sold his share.
His son currently holds 1% of the shares

7. Jerusalem The future neighborhood in Ein Kerem
53 dunams of land, on which part is planned
From a future neighborhood of about 1,500 apartments
Deri has about 15% of the land

8. Jerusalem dealt with the Armenian Church
1,500 square meters of office space are leased to the National Insurance Institute and the Jerusalem Municipality.
Held by The Straw Man, Joseph Reitzer, Shlomo
Deri claims: "Reitzer is just a customer"

9. Jerusalem "City Tower"
750 sqm, leased to the Land Registry Office (Tabu)
Deri owns 50% of the holding company

10. Jerusalem Beit Hakerem
Half of the rights in the roof of a 400-square-meter building are registered in the name of Deri's daughter

11. Jerusalem Project on Jaffa Street
A project for the construction of 70 apartments plus commercial space
Deri owns 15% of the land

12. Jerusalem Mahane Yehuda Market
A project at the entrance to the market for the construction of 70 apartments plus commercial areas
Part of the land was registered in the name of the straw man Yosef
Reitzer and another part named after Yedidya Einhorn,
Shlomo Deri admitted to having served as his trustee for holding assets in another case.
Deri claims he has no affiliation with the property

13. Safed National Insurance Building
1,700 square meters leased to the National Insurance Institute and the Ministry of Health
Recently sold for NIS 20 million. Deri
Owners of 40% of the selling company

14. Safed
Bezeq Switchboard Former Bezeq Switchboard Plot, rights
For the construction of 4,000 square meters
Recently sold at an unknown price,
40% of the selling company

15. Bnei Brak
Quarter-dunam plot, fully owned by Deri

16. Gedera
A one-story 150-square-meter building privately owned by Shlomo Deri's son

Credit -  Ohad Zweigenberg
"Representative of the transparent"

How many apartments do you have?
Does the former Interior Minister have an interest in home prices falling?


find the good said...

good so aryeh deri isnt a role model, but what he did to help yiddishkeit in his tenure in the knesset still deserves our hakaras hatoiv. the gedolim, especailly rav shach and rav ovadia ztzkl knew he wasnt the biggest tzaddik, (they didnt pick a kollel yungerman to run shas, aryeh deri was in tzahal when rav shach tapped him to head shas). just like they knew menachem porush and moshe chaim shapira had a shaigitz in them as well (a quick google search will suffice to bring up all the shtick etc.). indeed, maybe that is what orthodox jewry need(s)ed, tough people and shtickmachers who knew the ways of the street and how to deal with the sonei yahadus. as the gemara says in bava basra, that Yaakov Avinu did ramaius with lavan because the correct hanagha is tzei ramai im haramaim.
the saying it takes on to know one applies in politics as well.

Dusiznies said...

find the good
Why don't you "find the good" in Herzl and David ben Gurion? They didn't "help yiddishkeit?" Don't we have more Torah learned now ever in Jewish history? Isn't the medina the largest supporter of Torah ever?
Do they deserve "hakoras hatoiv?"
And the post wasn't about Deri, the post was that our Gedoilim have stopped teaching morality. What are our teenagers saying privately about the gedoilim?
This is a huge Chillul Hashem!

LES AYM said...

DIN, one point though. You say the voters knew about his crimes so if they voted for him despite that, then he should be allowed to take office.
Well technically they didn't. They voted for Shas, the Party, not an individual man, and it's up to Shas to appoint an appropriate representative to the given position.

Unknown said...

Perhaps Deri should be sued for breach of contract, what with his dishonor of the plea bargain.

Garnel Ironheart said...

Chareidi Judaism is tribal and tribalism means you protect and promote one of your own, no matter what. It means the worst of your own is the better than the best of some other tribe's. And that's what you're seeing here.

Frum but normal said...

January 23, 2023 at 9:35 PM

Yes, they voted for the party fully knowing that it's Deri who will be leading it.
Therefore they actually did vote for him.
This filthy leftist self hating supreme court, needs to be completely abolished, these creatures are nothing but wanna be dictators,
Dictators need to be hanging from the gallows, not presiding over courts