Friday, January 27, 2023

DIN on the kidnapping story!


DIN: A Note to my Readers.

 I received thousands of emails in response to this story. Most, of course, came to the defense of the suspected kidnapper, and that was way before the facts were even in. 
It is interesting to note that the excuses they came up with are more damaging than the initial story. 

Many claimed that they "knew the suspect very well and that he is mentally challenged," and so I should give "him some slack."
Others, postulated that the "kid was "a pest" and so he grabbed him and threw him out." Many of those who emailed me came up with the most preposterous reasons on why he did it, all without knowing anything. Some even claimed that they were relatives of him, and they know for a fact that he wasn't there during the incident. From all those who came up with their different scenarios, not one expressed any sympathy for the child, not one. This tells us a lot about our community! Instead of writing me and telling me "let's wait another day" they blindly followed their flawed instincts to 
support who we then thought was an abuser!

When I posted the story, it was already on social media with links to the New York Post article, and just so you know, the post got the story from the police blotter. 
I posted the story after checking with the police department and they told me basically what was reported in the post.

To the many comments telling me that I lost "my olim haba" because the "suspect" is a "tzaddik, I say, that if in the future a similar story comes up, I will, of course, do my diligence in to verifying what exactly occurred, but I would do exactly what I did. 
Not because I am an "arrogant baal-gaaveh" as many called me, anyone that personally knows me, knows that this is the furthest thing from the truth, but because the safety of our children comes before the reputation of an adult. 

The majority of the psychological issues we have with today's teenagers that come from Torah homes, directly stem from the sexual abuse that they suffered from rebbes and people that they trusted.
I will continue to advocate for these children and others that suffered and continue to suffer from abuse from people in authority.

This blog was originally called "NEW HEMPSTEAD NEWS" and I created it because of woman that were suffering from a "rabbi" who abused them. This Rabbi subsequently sued me in four different states, and his lawsuit was dismissed after I presented my evidence to the judge. In one particular case in California, not only did the rabbi lose, but I was awarded legal and court costs. 
I then changed the name to "Dus Iz Nies" because I was spoofing the  "Vos is Nies" News blog. 
The purpose of this blog is not to report the news, that you can get from the News media, the purpose is to give the readers what is really behind the stories. Most of the stories of the secular media are one sided and that goes also for the Heimishe Newspapers as well, such as Der Yid, Der Blatt, Der Zeitung, Yated, etc that have a circulation that together amount to over a million readers, a week!
What I am trying to do is to give the heimishe and yeshivishe oilom the news behind the news. I don't expect people to agree with me all the time, but it does make people question what they read, and if I accomplished that, I am content. 
This blog gets approximately, 50 - 75 thousand hits a week, according to google analytics, the people that read my blog, stay on it for over 6 minutes that is impressive as most News Media Blogs have readers only stay for about 3 minutes, as people just scan the headlines. I also add some funny posts just to keep your interests. 

Having said that, I hope and pray that the "suspect" gets completely exonerated, and if and when this happens, I will apologize to him in person. 

Read from his lawyer

The lawyer for a man who was involved in what was originally reported as an attempted abduction is categorizing those reports as being completely untrue.

As previously reported on DIN, the NYPD and Flatbush Shomrim were called after a mother suspected that her son was being abducted by a man at the Hesed Le Avraham Synagogue in Gravesend.

The man was located eventually in a nearby yeshiva and arrested by the NYPD.

According to the report in the New York Post ( which first broke the story, police said that the man approached the child and asked him to go outside with him, picking him up by the shoulders when he refused and “attempting to carry him out through the front door.

Police said that the man “grabbed the nine year old boy by the shoulder in a house of worship and attempted to force him out of the location.”

But neither of those descriptions match up with surveillance video of the incident which has been circulating on social media, showing the man stopping the boy as he passes by in the synagogue lobby, placing his hands on the boy’s shoulder and speaking with him for several seconds before the two walk off together.

Five seconds later, the footage shows a woman pulling the boy aside, while the man continues out the synagogue’s front door.

Reports on social media have suggested that the man wanted the boy to proceed with him through several groups of women congregating in the lobby to avoid walking between two women, a stringency observed by many Orthodox Jewish men.

The man was reportedly charged yesterday with kidnapping, endangering the welfare of a child and harassment, but was charged with two lesser misdemeanors in front of the Brooklyn District Attorney – acting in a manner injurious to a child under 17 and unlawful imprisonment in the second degree – and released on his own recognizance.

He is due back in court on March 16th.

Lawyer Avi Moskowitz, who is representing the man, called the New York Post story, which said that the mother had to rip her child out of the man’s arms, “a complete fiction.”

Moskowitz said that having seen the surveillance video, the district attorney’s office recognized that the initial information it had received was incorrect and moved to reduce the charges.

“I think that ultimately they will learn more and that this will be resolved favorably,” Moskowitz said, adding, “The jumping to conclusions here was absurd and very distressing.”


Cohen Y said...

The way to do Teshuva is to allow him to post such a libel story about YOU.. Once ruined ,it is too late. Apologies afterwards are nearly vacuous.

Ph said...

DIN, did you watch the security video footage?

Garnel Ironheart said...

In a functional society, people would be horrified because a child might have been harmed by an adult. In "frum" society, people are horrified that a child might harm the adult!

Anonymous said...

yasher koach.

Do tell more about the lawsuits

Anonymous said...

The women that saw the incident, and called shomrim, police is @ fault. Nothing happened. A man asked a kid for help. That's it. It's terrible. This has nothing to do with safety of kid's .in the video everyone could see for him self. WHY Don't you post the video???

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You provide a great service to the frum community. You tell the back-story of events that we would normally not hear.
I don't think that you have to apologize to this guy, even after the true facts came out. I believe that your initial reaction, though misguided, was and should be the default position: watching out for our children! I would rather err on that side than on the other side. Molesters should know that we are hyper-vigilant and that they act at their own risk.
You did not call an action to arms to persecute this fellow. Your words did not cause him any kind of harm whatsoever, particularly, since we do not know his name or anything else about him. Thus, no apology is required.
Please continue doing what you do.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with you especially what’s really concerning is the true fact that not one person gave any thought or consideration for the child

Anonymous said...

The point of this story is. That even before the facts came out there was no story at all. Just hysteria. And as much as you like to paint the community as monsters. We're an extremely fine group that doesn't do bad things most of the time. And as long as nothing actually happened, as in this case, there's no need to think that this person is guilty, what type of world are we living in? That you can't hold a kid's hand for a few seconds. And this stupid mother probably gets fed all these crazy stories on blogs and whatsapp and takes everything literal

Garnel Ironheart said...

Okay, first of all, "lawyer" sounds like "liar" for a good reason.
And do we read this statement, nod and say "Well the mother must've been making it all up!"?
And finally, since when is it yichud to walk through a public hallway with women in it?

Brisker said...

So where is the surveillance video?

If they don't produce it, don't believe this Avi Moskowitz sleaze for a second. He was the lawyer always insisting that Kolko & Margo were innocent. A junior lawyer in his firm assigned to the YTT case was Chaim Book who allegedly helped Belsky cover up for Kolko at Camp Agudah after Belsky terrified the little boys who'd just been molested with his bloodcurdling screams.

The only mistake that DIN made is to say that no one defended the victim. I wrote a comment as anonymous that wasn't displayed. While I may not have said it outright, it was my intention to defend the victim.

By the way DIN, the oylam just loved the charifus on your old New Hempstead blog. I can't forget some of your sharfeh lines that I still laugh about to this day, like when Tendler was seen driving around you commented that the criminal always returns to the scene of the crime.

Brisker said...

I couldn't find the video until after many tries because some of the sites protecting Mayer either deleted or moved it. Now that I've finally seen it, it could have totally been a non-violent abduction attempt of a young boy. And it was after all shul members who ran around looking for Mayer & FB Shomrim who said to call the cops. Even if not an abduction, why is a stranger manhandling a kid? And why was Mayer hiding?

A World Without YeshivaWorld said...

Eckstein from YWN grew up in the same neighborhood as Mayer which as a so called journalist he should have disclosed before passionately defending Mayer.

Anonymous said...

It's brought down the problems that walking with two between two women causes. Ignoramus but hardly surprising

Anonymous said...

For those battening down the hatches and refusing to admit their own guilt - whatever happened to all of a sudden: 99 guilty should go free rather than one innocent suffer? Huh?