Monday, September 23, 2019

Meah Shearim Fanatics Meet With Arab Knesset Member Ayman Odeh

I literally fell off my chair laughing at the absurdity of this.... I haven't laughed like this in years!

The Meah Seharim parasites,  claim that they don't take money from the "medinah," an out and out lie.... their wives have multiple births... who pays for that? 
Betuach Leumi ... the Zionist Health Organization...
Who picks up their stinky garbage? .... the Zionists!
Who subsidizes their busing? Aha! .... The Zionists .... 
Who subsidizes the milk and butter? Aha aha! Zionists!
Who gave them the land to build their shuls and Yeshivois? Zionists!
Each of their children get a bank account the second they are born and the Zionists put shekels in that account until they become emancipated!
"But they don't take money from the Zionists!"

They don't recognize the Knesset and it's members ....
so who do they meet with to address their "concerns" about "police brutality" and the "draft?"

Members of the Knesset that they don't recognize,  the Arab Members!

So instead of davening to Hashem to answer their prayers they find comfort in Goyim, Arabs that vow to kill them!


New organization for Haredi trash said...

א ביטערע געלעכטער

"Who picks up their stinky garbage? .... the Zionists!"

Maybe they need to have their own sanitation dept.

Just like Haredim have Hatzuleh, Chavayrim, Shomrim, they should start a new organization for Haredi rubbish (garbage in USA English, or trash). They can call it נקיון - Nikayon.

If they don't have a communal dump site at first, each family can make a dump in their yard.

Volunteers, please start lining up.

B.P. Rubbish said...

Related to previous comment, seems there is a Boro Park garbage crisis -

Chafraud Depravitch said...


Yes, they are. That's one of the things that struck me most when I became a BT, the prevalence of begging labeled "tzedaka."

I came from the secular, where work ethics are considered good values. It was amazing to me how many charedim have turned an embarrassing act of misfortune into a career.

One of the great joys of being formerly religious is having a lot of discretionary income that will NEVER go to the pockets of charedim begging for "tzedaka."

B.P. Rubbish,

Maybe they can sort their garbage and take much of it to a recycling center? Thereby, they are solving some of their problem while simultaneously doing something responsible that helps preserve the planet with which HaShem blessed us?

LOL, just kidding! We're talking about yeshivas, who typically know nothing about the Earth nor God.