Friday, September 13, 2019

Harav Malach Mocks the Sfardi "Babbas"

The video is in Yiddish, and I don't have the time to translate, but the bottom line he is making "choizik" of those who run to Sfardi Mekubalim

Says; " not everyone can become a "dayan" a Rabbinical Judge but anyone can become a "Babba" all you have to do is dream and tell someone "that you had a dream" " and poof are a babba

I''ts all right to run to Chassidihe  Rebbes and then claim that the Rebbe  performed a miracle but it's not alright for Sfardim to run to their "Babbas" for chizuk and miracles ...
The whole video is dedicated 
to  mock Sfardic customs  .....

I sincerely hope that he doesn't dream that one of those "babbahs" that he mocked bites him in his fat behind


Fan of R. Malach שליט"א said...

I am moche that you are attacking Rav Malach shlit"a here DIN.

His point is quite valid actually.

As to your charge "I''ts all right to run to Chassidihe Rebbes and then claim that the Rebbe performed a miracle but it's not alright for Sfardim to run to their "Babbas" for chizuk and miracles ..." - Reb Malach shlit"a is a Gur Hasid, not a Hasid of all Rebbes. I'm quite certain that he is similarly skeptical of certain questionable alleged mofsim of Rebbes as well.

R. Malach is a very talented and entertaining speaker, who sometimes brings out important points in colorful ways. He should be honored and respected for that.

Perhaps you are not familiar with him, his speaking style, etc., but I know him for years already.

Thanks for listening.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why he chooses to dress like an 18th century polack nobleman? He mocks others customs but sees nothing wrong with Miztitzah B'Peh, or any other archaic customs. The fat yutz should look at himself in the mirror.

Anonymous said...

To the fan of Rabbi malach. His point is not valid at all. I looked at youtjbe to see what else he talks about and makes fun of the litvishe in a gross language. He should be removed from that torah website, he's actually a disgrace

Zeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee said...

Dus, this is what I am referring to.
Which chareidi newspapers says he had a fat behind, in a derogatory way. You, as a shomer shabbos jew, who is in fact chareidi, chareidi means Frum, who would literally give shiurim, is saying disgusting words for absolutely no towles. You have convinced yourself that you are doing the right thing, when it is just the yetzer hara. In reality, you have this drive to put everyone down, and you start by publicizing things that are already public (you claim) but then you veer off and go into straight motzei shem ra etc.
This is besides that ravv yaakov hillel has already condemned most fake sefardi mekubalim.

To be short, you have this napoleonic complex that only you are right, a stature that doesn't suit you.

You cant have any excuse for posting this video and making fun of his weight.

Hashem is waiting for you to come back to him.
Between you and me, did it ever occur to you even once to shut down this site?
Did ever occur to you even once that all the tzar gidul banim could be because of this site?

Hashem implores you not harden your lev like klal yisrael did at mei merivah.
I cant guarantee yeshuas, nobody can, but I feel like if you would shut this derek off, your family would be matzliach.