Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Chareidi Woman Arrested in Bnei Brak For Jay-Walking................................. UPDATED!!!

A  Bnei Brak woman was arrested because of “jaywalking” on HaShomer Street in Bnei Brak.
According to multiple reports, a female police officer asked her to identify herself, the woman refused and began to run away from the officer. Due to her refusal and resistance, she was arrested. The location is known to have traffic police monitoring the street for infractions on a consistent basis.
In videos that were spread around social media, two  police women are seen  dragging the woman while a crowd gathered around them and began yelling at them: “What is wrong with you? Leave her alone or you will sit in prison.”
A passerby attempted to calm the tensions and ask the officers why they don’t just give her a ticket. The officers responded that they cannot do so unless she identifies herself, something she refused to do.
 Due to the unrest of the gathered crowd, a large number of police reinforcements were called to the scene to assist in dispersing the crowd. In total seven police cars and teams of officers arrived at the scene.
 The Charedi woman and the two female officers took shelter in a nearby Fire Department building. The woman was loaded into a police car that arrived and taken to the police station on HaKishon Street.

Din has learned from sources close to the family of the lady that was arrested....

that the lady started punching and hitting the officer after the officer asked for her ID...
This is from her very own family!!
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Ytzhok said...

"the lady started punching and hitting the officer after the officer asked for her ID..." ?
Totally untrue.