Tuesday, September 24, 2019

An English Satmar Lesson In American History Following BOE Guidelines!


anonymous said...

This guy is great, I wish I was in that class!

Anonymous said...

Come on,

This is not a satmere history lesson. Nor is it a satmere school.

This is a school in monsey that happens to have one of the best curriculums in Jewish schools in the tri state area. There should be more jewish history taught in our schools, much more...
The kids are extremely motivated to learn because it has a very warm and caring atmosphere.
I do not have kids in that school but I know a little about it. Watch some more videos of their teaching style you will be amazed. They actually teach english, history, music....
All I can say is I wish a school like this was around when I went to school.

yidlmitnfidl said...

many thanks!

JJJ said...

Your ignorance & nastiness is appalling.
This is not a Satmar school, actually the opposite.
This is an open minded school run by Beri Weber and financed by Louis Scheiner.
The speaker is Mayer Schiller , a white supremacist hockey coach at MTA.
Inform yourself.