Monday, September 2, 2019

One Has to Laugh at the Satmar 1967 Prediction that in "20 Years there will no longer be Torah in Israel" 160,000 Bochrim and Kollel Guys Start the Elull Zmar

R' Yoel Teitelbaum, founder of the Satmar Chassidus, predicted in 1956 and again in 1967 that there will be "No Torah institutions in the State of Israel in 20 years."

These statements are brought down in a pamphlet called 
'שמעו דבר ה'  
which is basically a written typed transcript of a CD that comes attached to the pamphlet .....
These are "toirelach" that the late Satmar Rebbe made to dissuade his holocaust survivor chassidim from abandoning the Satmar ship!

The truth is that no one in the entire world could predict this great phenomenon ......
160,000.00 Bochrim and Kollelim learning Torah in the State of Israel ...... that's not counting 8,000 bochrim starting Yeshiva Gedoilei ...
Also not included in the 160,000 count..... are the 470,000 talmidim in the state Chareidie schools.........
All the above are supported by the Zionist State of Israel .....

The 5780 school year began in Israel on Sunday, September 1, 2019, corresponding to 1 Elul. 2.35 million students returned to state kindergartens, elementary, junior high and high schools in Israel religious and secular public school systems. The Elul zman began as well, as this year, the Hebrew and Gregorian dates coincided.
Tens of thousands of bnei torah have returned to the beis medrash, seen around Eretz Yisrael pulling their suitcases and hat boxes as bein hazmanim comes to an end.
160,000 avreichim and bochrim are reporting for duty, returning to yeshivos and kollels to strengthen Am Yisrael with their limud torah. 8,000 talmidim will enter Yeshiva Gedola, and the mesechtos being studied in the Elul zman include Kiddushim, Gittin, Baba Metzia and Makos in the general seder divided between Chevron and Ponevezh.
A sign appearing in Brisk on Sunday morning is a call for tefilos and limud for a refuah shleima for HaGaon Rav Meshulam Dovid Halevy ben Alta Hendel bsoch cholei am yisrael.
Of the total number of students in the state system, 168,000 little ones entered first grade, and 200,000 teaching staff will be undertaking the responsibility to educate the nation’s young. Israel’s newly-appointed Minister of Education, Rabbi Rafi Peretz, announced this school year will emphasize mutual responsibility and the strengthening of values.
There are 470,000 talmidim in the state chareidi kindergartens and schools, of which 35,000 entered first grade on Sunday. This system has 32,000 teaching staff.
Ohelei Yitzchak Yosef Lubavitch, the Chabad educational network in Israel, also began on Sunday, opening its 86 schools, of which there are four new one for this 5780 school year. In the Chabad network, there are 458 kindergartens (including 18 new ones), 114 first grades and 35,800 students in total.
The Ministry of Education has opened its information line to the public, 1-800-222-003.
The students will have their first day off on September 17th, elections for the 22nd Knesset. Then following days off will be for the Tishrei Yomim Tovim.



What about when R. Elchonon Wasserman HY"D, who predicted that if a Zionist State will ever be established, they will stand guard at tha border crossings and won't allow not a single Frum Yid to ever enter the country.

anonymous said...

What's with the decimal point and 00 after the "160,000" ? Are you trying to hint that the bachurim have no sense??

Anonymous said...

I guess in this case, the Lubavitche Rebbe was right.