Monday, May 15, 2017


The Trump administration is denying that one of its top officials characterized the Western Wall as West Bank territory outside of established Israeli jurisdiction, after local reports claimed a US official said as much to counterparts in the prime minister's office.

"These comments, if true, were not authorized by the White House," a spokesman told The Jerusalem Post on Monday afternoon. "They do not reflect the US position, and certainly not the president's position."

Earlier on Monday, a report on Channel 2 indicated that a US official considered the Western Wall in Jerusalem — part of Judaism’s holiest site of the Temple Mount — outside of Israeli sovereignty. The wall and Temple Mount complex were taken over by Israel fifty years ago in the Six Day War, and their fate remains a core issue in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Netanyahu had requested joining Trump on his visit to the site, Channel 2 reported, only to be denied on these grounds.
"The statement that the Western Wall is on territory in the West Bank was astonishing. Israel has turned to the US on this matter,” an official in Netanyahu’s office said in response.

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Monsey said...

Admo"r DIN, could you possibly make this a dedicated post?

It is important to vote today for the heimishe school board candidates because the others will cause tremendous harm to all Yidden.

But do not fall for the demand that you also vote to increase the East Ramapo school budget with the phony bait that 10 days of busing around Kratzmach time will be restored. This is a self-serving ploy of some yeshivos who are behind this who want to avoid car pool chaos at any cost to the parents. Car pool days are big headaches for yeshivos & it costs them extra manpower & overtime. It is also wishful thinking by the yeshivos. The State Monitor already said she will not allow any yeshiva busing to be restored as long as there are any bird courses & other shtussim not being funded in the public schools. Then assuming the busing could be restored, it is ok for those with little or no (declared) income. But anyone in the upper or middle class income brackets will PAY THROUGH THE NOSE for the 10 days to be restored. The amount of extra taxes would COST MORE THAN TAXI RIDES for the 10 days of busing. It costs less to hire a limo to transport your kids than to pay for the farshtunkenner buses!