Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Satmar putting 2,000 Students on Old Camp Regesh Grounds

The Central United Talmudical Academy (Satmar) of Monsey has submitted new information about its proposal to construct a separate boys and girls school at the former Camp Regesh property at 236 Cherry Lane. The project has been estimated to cost approximately $20 million.
Among the new details is a plan to construct a second driveway to access the property, according to village documents. The school is expected to have 2,000 students.
School buses currently access the 22-acre property, where Central UTA now runs its girls school, through a single driveway on the two-lane road. Its boys school is operating elsewhere.
Steven Barshov, an attorney for the school, said adding a driveway typically helps to improve circulation into and out of the property, eliminate congestion, and alleviate safety issues.
Barshov added that the proposal remains in an “informational stage.”
In communications with the village filed in March, the school’s engineering firm said that ongoing discussions were to “better develop the layout and identify the required permitting agencies involved before engaging in more detailed engineering.”
Nonetheless, the school anticipates starting construction on the first of two phases later this year, according to documents filed with the village.
The developer is expected to present its unofficial plan to the Airmont Planning Board on May 25. Public comment will not be allowed because it will be a preliminary presentation.
The proposal to expand the religious school has roiled residents in the residential neighborhood.
“It wouldn’t work,” said resident Adam Haimowitz said, who lives across the street from Central UTA.
On a recent weekday morning, Haimowitz, 35, was removing the roof of his Jeep Wrangler in his driveway, which nearly faces Central UTA’s driveway. His home also is adjacent to Cherry Lane Elementary School.
Haimowitz said narrow roads and the neighborhood’s residential character cannot sustain an influx of thousands of students and the accompanying buses.
“This road is not big enough for it. There’s too much traffic. There are so many accidents on this road to begin with,” he added.
Isaac Gruber, a representative of the school, said the expansion was necessary to sustain the school’s rapidly growing population.
The school currently has approximately 800 students, which is expected to swell to 2,000 by 2020.
“The school wants to be able to be ahead of the curve instead of behind the curve,” Gruber said.
Before Central UTA purchased the property in August 2016, a camp and school were run there for more than a decade.
The proposal may require variances and approvals to construct the buildings because the property is located in a residential district, according to village documents.
The school is requesting to build only 170 parking spaces out of the 487 required, according to village documents. The school is requesting to land bank the rest, which would give it the option of adding the parking spaces later.
There are currently two one-story buildings on the property. There are also multiple modular units set up, in addition to playgrounds and basketball courts.
The school’s two-phase preliminary plan includes:
  • Two three-story buildings, each containing 73,000 square feet.
  • Construction of the first building, which will contain the boys school, is expected to begin later this year.
  • Construction of the second building, which will house the girls school, will begin when the first building is complete.
  • The second building is expected to be completed by 2022.
  • The school is expected to house 2,000 students.
  • Students will be in pre-school through ninth grade and younger than 16 years old.​
  • The school will run year round.
  • Approximately 80 buses would transport students to and from the property during daily operational hours, according to previous estimates.
- See more at: http://monsey.com/airmont-religious-school-expansion-plan-revealed/#sthash.4i0fdMMl.dpuf


Fresser Developer said...

I haven't taken a close look at this yet. Did they buy Ateres Bais Yaakov and/or one of the camps on Cherry Lane or this is a nearby parcel? It is going to be hard to argue that a parcel already operating institutionally will be any worse under Satmar, and there is another huge institution for sale now for millions on Cherry near Route 59. But this is Airmont village whose government are a bunch of persistent mamzerim. They held up Kiryas Tosh on Hillside Ave for THIRTY years until Tosh finally gave up from burning through millions in legal fees. And Airmont just banned night parking to make it hard to go to shul Shabbos by nacht and to have lots of guests & their cars. They enacted the parking law knowing it will probably be thrown out by a higher court or that the Justice Dept might threaten to dissolve the village for being anti-Semitic which already happened once before when they jerked around Rabbi Sternberg, making it impossible to operate his shul according to their cynical bylaws.

Abe said...

Ugh, ugh and ugh again.
Permitting Satmar into you neighborhood is like inviting an invasive species to commit mayhem.
An invasive species is a plant, fungus, animal or human species that is not native to a specific location (an introduced species), and which has a tendency to spread to a degree believed to cause damage to the environment, human economy or human health.

Anonymous said...

Ed Day or one of his lieutenants was already caught admitting that he can't slow the Jews down but will do everything possible to at least slow them down.

Even if you don't like Satmar as much as Abe, it is a violation of Federal laws to act on those feelings to obstruct them.

Be smart. Cash out when Satmar induces home prices to double & then move as far away from them as you want. Satmar is already taking over another whole area. A couple of idiots are trying to fight them including a loser who is not Satmar but heimish himself. But the homes are heading very quickly to doubling in price.

Anonymous said...

Hitler also felt that Jews were a fungus or an invasive insect that needed to be squashed.

Anonymous said...

Tzorich loimar: Ed Day or one of his lieutenants was already caught admitting that he can't stop Jews but will do everything possible to at least slow them down.

Fred said...

Can someone tell me where they get the money for these projects? Tens of millions of dollars for property, buildings, housing project- it's endless?
How do they pay for this stuff?

Kokosh said...

It is simple how Satmar as a chassidus gets the money. The question is where a lot of yechidim, too many of them, get the money for housing in the surrounding area. Well ok that is simple too with the "mezimen" economy. But there has to be a limit. Because now with the FRESSER real estate agents moving to take over West Airmont vus zeinen gresser FRESSERS one after the other, they reitz on the goyim that we will find Yidden who will pay the sky for your house.

Teertza Beertza - maybe $50k more than value

Naomi Shtreicher - another $50k on top of Tirtza

And the biggest FRESSER of them all - Rodeo Cowboy Yoeli Klein - sometimes another $100k on top of Shtreicher

Joe Six Pack said...

Teertza Beertza - that's a good one!

Lakewood said...

These corrupt, greedy, heimish real estate agents are a big problem in the spillover areas around Lakewood. They really induced the sellers to ask astronomical prices on the houses.

The worst one from my experience is Renee Lemberg. Be very careful with her because she not only egged on the Jackson goyim to have gigantic hasagos but she plays dirty in Lakewood itself in different ways. One trick she does is if the house is not in multiple listings. The seller was maskim to sell for price X yesterday but if she knows your budget she will try to dupe you into overpaying much, much more. She has even inflated in $100k range. She also has horrible middos & can't restrain herself from mocking & aping buyers behind in their presence despite that they often suddenly turn around & catch her in the act.

Anonymous said...

a real "class act" by lemberg was when she was in cahoots with the ex-wife of "pesach for less"'s tennenbaum on the house behind faraday. that was before the ex-wife ran off. i heard tennenbaum says she drained the bank account containing the pesach deposits