Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Ger In Arad will fly brand new Israeli Flag on Independence Day Dissing The Satmar Crazies

The Rov of the Gur community in Arad, Rabbi Tzvi Bialistotzky, has sent a letter to Mayor Nissan Ben-Chamu, in which he requests the city replace the Israeli flag flown on the roof of the main shul in the city.

Readers are reminded that the relationship between the Gerrer Chassidus in Arab and City Hall is one of machlokes, particularly pertaining to Gur’s claims to the main shul.
The rav points out in the letter that the flag will be flown atop of the city’s main shul on Independence Day as is the custom annually, however, the flag is worn from use and it is no longer respectful for what is represents. The rav askes the Arad Municipality to immediately replace the flag with a new one, before Independence Day.
It is reported the flag was replaced last year but is once again in poor condition and in need of replacement and the rav calls on the city to replace it out of an act of respect for the flag, what it represents, and the mispallalim of the shul.

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