Sunday, May 28, 2017

Ami Turns on POTUS .....No Gratitude For Getting White House Press Credentials!

Yitzchok Frankfurter the editor of Ami Magazine is a "wanna be" pseudo- intellectual but the reality is that he is an uneducated fool.

And now he can add being evil to his resume. 

He somehow maneuvered White House press credentials for his childish side kick, Turx, when other important Jewish News Agencies couldn't. G-d only knows how!

Instead of having "hakoras hatoiv" gratitude ..... he decides to kick the President of the USA in the proverbial ass and places a photo of  Trump with a Yarmulkah at the Kotel, with the words "Scandal" in the headline below!

You are probably scratching your head wondering "what scandal?"
Charles Krauthammer, no friend of Trump said about the Trump investigations ..."it appears to be a coverup lacking a crime nobody can locate a crime."

But even if there was one, do we need a frum publication dissing our president on the cover? By all accounts frum people are excited about Trump hoping that he will be good for Israel. 
So what does that say about us when we kick him in the shin?

And if that was not enough ....the clown, Frankfurter writes an editorial totally mocking the president with the heading "Free Fall."

The pathetic blithering idiot, writes:
"What is most ironic is that the President's impulsive tweeting may ultimately get him impeached - or more likely, bring about his resignation. And perhaps that should serve as the biggest lesson to be derived from this entire episode, that taunting others on social media. This needs to be repeated over and over again, because too many people believe that "anything goes" on the internet. Some may have mistakenly come to that conclusion by thinking that since surfing the internet is wrong in the first place, doing wrongful things on the web doesn't compound their culpability." 

DIN: I'm not going to comment on his idiotic statement that the President's tweeting "may ultimately get him impeached." 
But I will comment on his pathetic comment that "that the biggest lesson to be derived (he learned a new word) from this entire episode, that taunting others on social media etc."

Hey Frank ..... most people don't have the luxury to own a  magazine to taunt others, they only have the internet, thank G-D, and this is the only medium to call out traitors and sickies that call themselves editors.

Then the clown goes on to quote his rebbe "Rav Dovid Soloveitchik...... bla bla bla bla bla 
What????? Rav Dovid Soloveitchik with Trump???????
Yup .....

He also writes:
"Did he really think the media were going to be extraordinarily nice to him after all the truly derogatory words he has thrown their way."

Hey Frankie clown ...... have you been in a coma for the last Year?
Who started all this?????
Are you now backing the press, that hates Israel, now? 
Or is it because Trump put your child, Turx, in his place?


Monsey said...

Which heimishe idiot owns Regency Village Apts in the heart of Monsey that keeps giving leases to drug dealers & convicted sex offenders?

The "manager" listed on websites is Sol Zalinski

Anonymous said...

Flying Air Force One by media costs $$$$.
The price of the flight varies and is pooled by all press.
Flight on air force one to Israel is in range of $20,000.
Little Ami Magazine or big CBS, makes no difference, you get a seat, you pay. Did he really pay to fly?

Response to comment #2 said...

Was he really on Air Force one?

I suspect he went on his own, cheaply to EY. He didn't go to Saudi Arabia.

Open Question to Ami Magazine Editor said...

Did Reb Frankfurter ask R. Dovid if it is proper to have Jake posted in DC? We are still in golus, remember? That is especially important for someone who is semi-Satmar like Frankfurter.

Open question to R. Yitzchok Frankfurter:

How is a Yid supposed to act in golus? Supposed to try to go where he isn't wanted, and doesn't belong? Or to act with צניעות and הכנעה?

Anonymous said...

Rotten Frankfurter besides being an uneducated blithering fool,he is an evil Israel hating monster whose brains has been fried and brainwashed by the criminally insane Satmar gangsters whose schools he attended as a youngster.and later on by the other insane and delusional Israel hating Briskers; (whats ironic and laughable is that in Williamsburg his rag is banned because he is considered a Zionist LOL )
DIN,i think we should all ignore this evil fool and not give him any attention,because as all idiots this MESHUGENER just craves attention.

Frankie said...

Anonymous said...

Time for some new news